Summit Integrates MedHost with Meditech for a seamless flow of information between the ED and the HCIS

The Challenge:

Data captured in the emergency department must flow to the patient’s medical record in the HCIS and laboratory and other ancillary orders as well as medication administered must be sent from the HCIS to the ED to give clinicians rapid access to critical patient data and improve safety and quality of care. In addition to integration of orders, results and clinical content, ADT integration is needed to keep patient demographics up to date and billing data ensures accurate and timely charges for services.

The Solution:

The Summit Express Connect engine allows for maximum flexibility in integration by utilizing bi-directional HL7 interfaces where available from MedHost and Meditech and using scripted interfaces to fill in the gaps. Integrating your MedHost EDIS with your Meditech HCIS for ADT, Laboratory, Radiology, Order Entry, Clinical data to NUR/PCS, Pharmacy orders and medication administration as well as Billing gives you a complete solution for your emergency department integration.

In addition, as a robust interface engine, Summit Express Connect allows for the reuse of existing interfaces that may already be running in your hospital and can be used for all your integration needs throughout the hospital. The Summit Dashboard provides a centralized view of your interface activity where you can monitor performance and alerts, and manage message queues.


  • Laboratory and Radiology order results received quickly by the ED for improved patient diagnosis
  • Physicians have rapid access to discrete clinical data collected in the ED
  • Discrete data in the HIS can be sent to the ED to ensure all clinicians caring for the patient have the most up to date information such as allergies, home medications and special handling
  • Bi-directional Pharmacy orders and medication administration for improved patient care and safety
  • Improve patient safety and quality of care for patients in the ED and the hospital
  • Facility and Physician Billing for accurate and timely charges for services
  • Message and error logging, alerting and interface monitoring via a dashboard ease the maintenance of your MedHost integration