Summit Integrates Picis PulseCheck with MEDITECH for a seamless flow of information between the ED and the HCIS

The Challenge:

Medication administration and home medication data captured in the emergency department must flow to the patient’s medical record in the HIS to give clinicians rapid access to critical patient data and improve safety and quality of care. Picis does not have an interface to MEDITECH for this data and stores the patient information in a SQL Database in a different format than required for transfer to MEDITECH.

The Solution:

Create a real-time interface that extracts medication data (drug name, dose, unit, route, schedule, last taken, comment) from the PulseCheck SQL database and enters it into MEDITECH. Using the Summit Scripting Toolkit the PulseCheck database is monitored to look for new medication entries for a patient. Once a change is made the script extracts the data and enters it into MEDITECH for the current patient visit.


  • Home medication data captured upon intake at the Emergency Department automatically flows to MEDITECH
  • Real-time interfacing for rapid access to data throughout the hospital
  • Improved patient safety and quality of care by giving clinicians the full picture of a patient's medications
  • No need to ask the patient for the information twice or to enter the data into two different systems