Summit Integrates MedPlus Chartmaxx to Give Physicians Rapid Access to their Transcribed Reports

The Challenge:

Transcribed reports in the HCIS need to be readily available to the physicians from their Electronic Ambulatory Record at the clinics. The workflow needs to include automated redirection of the reports back to individual clinics for correction and resubmission. In addition, each clinic can only have access to their respective transcribed reports.

The Solution:

TheĀ Summit Scripting Toolkit was used to create a scripting interface complete with automated sign on, entry of their transcribed reports into the Electronic Ambulatory Record for each clinic, alerting via email, and logging of all records processed through the interface.


  • Physicians have rapid and easy access to their transcribed reports
  • Reports can be corrected and resubmitted
  • Each clinic only gets the reports for their physicians
  • Error logging, alerting and summary reports keep the interface running smoothly