Emerson Hospital

The Challenge:

Emerson Hospital, a 177 bed full service, non-profit community hospital in historic Concord Massachusetts needed a solution to automate the process of getting their MEDITECH LAB results into their GE CENTRICITY System for use by their providers. As a part of Emerson’s existing manual process, each provider received paper lab results via fax based on a schedule unless the order was STAT. Emerson wanted to positively impact patient care by eliminating the possibility of lost or missing LAB requisitions and by expediting the delivery of the LAB results (to GE CENTRICITY) through an automated interface.

The Solution:

The Summit Provider Exchange powered by the  Summit Express Connect interface engine was employed to easily accept HL7 message received from the MEDITECH LAB Module. Once the LAB HL7 messages are received in the Summit Provider Exchange engine, , the LAB results are stored in a Microsoft Access Database by the requisition and test number. A custom VB application was developed by Summit Healthcare to create a batch file for each requisition number and the data was ordered by the test number. The batching of the LAB results was important to Emerson because they didn’t want their providers to have to view individual lab results; they simply wanted to mirror their paper process and at the same time, take advantage of the efficiencies found in an automated interface.

This Lab Batch Interface runs three times daily and sends batches of LAB results from the MEDITECH LAB Module to the GE CENTRICITY System. As a result of this solution, Emerson Hospital was able to save valuable time and money as well as eliminate missing or duplicated faxed LAB results. In addition, the providers are able to gain rapid access to their patient’s lab results from their GE Workstation which positively impacts patient care.

Engagement Highlights:

  • The Summit Healthcare integration technology provides a LAB Batch interface between MEDITECH and GE Centricity
  • The interface positively impacts patient care by expediting the delivery of LAB results for providers
  • The Solution saves valuable time, money and eliminates the problem of missing or duplicate faxes


The Summit Provider Exchange product enabled us to bridge the MEDITECH LAB module with our GE Centricity application. This automated interface enabled our provider to quickly and efficiently view batched Lab results on their GE Workstation, eliminating the problem of duplicate or missing faxes that we often experienced in the old paper process. Summit Healthcare provided exceptional support during this project and continues to show a strong commitment towards helping Emerson Hospital meet our integration goals - which often requires some ‘outside the box’ thinking.

Tim Wong, Manager, Application Services
Emerson Hospital