Summit Stinger integriti® Solution

Vital sign data verified.  For the right data every time.

Overcome the challenge of getting your Stinger integriti vital sign data into your MEDITECH system. Monitoring devices send an unsolicited feed of unverified data, without the correct MEDITECH patient identifiers in a constant stream. That volume of data is not needed or even accepted by MEDITECH and there is no guarantee that the patient is even in MEDITECH.  The Summit Healthcare Stinger integriti solution solves this problem by verifying and controlling the data before it is sent to your MEDITECH system and providing Stinger integriti with the data verification result.

An driver verifies the data coming from the Stinger with the data in MEDITECH to ensure that the patient and the user exists.  In addition it pulls the medical record number and account number from MEDITECH so they can be included with the vital signs data going into MEDITECH to ensure the data goes to the right record every time.  Only data for verified MEDITECH patients is sent to the MEDITECH interface so transactions are not rejected by the interface.

Highlighted Benefits:

  • Accurate and rapid clinical decision making by allowing your clinicians to get the vital signs data from MEDITECH when it is needed
  • Expedites the delivery of patient care
  • Data is validated to ensure the patient existing in MEDITECH and the MEDITECH Medical Record Number and Account Number are added to Stinger monitoring data message to ensure that the data is accepted by MEDITECH
  • Eliminates manual transcription errors of important vital sign data
  • Leveraging Express Connect allows you to use your MEDITECH monitoring device interface with your Stinger devices as well as all your other monitoring devices

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