Meditech 6.0 migration offers value despite its challenging nature

Migrating to Meditech 6.0 often takes years of preparation and gradual implementation. It frequently involves an incredibly complex cycle of interface deployment, internal integration and dictionary maintenance. So why is it considered so valuable by many hospitals? In a recent series of blog posts for, Jorge Grillo, CIO for Canton-Potsdam Hospital in upstate New York, explained that Meditech 6.0 is capable of offering functionality that is too great to ignore.

Coming from Grillo, this is quite a statement. Grillo inherited a Meditech 6.0 migration project. In part one of his Meditech migration blog, he explained that he had started a new position at the Canton-Potsdam Hospital without any previous experience working with Meditech. In the past, he had helped develop a best-of-breed HCIS solution.

The interim CIO had done all of the strategic planning, sales meetings and other prep work. When Grillo came into the equation, the only thing left to do before starting migration was to deal with the long and difficult dictionary archiving project. He had to complete that step while also learning Meditech from scratch. Essentially, he had every reason to dislike the idea of investing in Meditech 6.0, according to the news source.

In the blog post, Grillo explained that after a month or so, he began seriously wondering why the hospital was moving to Meditech 6.0 instead of sticking with Magic. He was informed that there were concerns that Meditech would not continue supporting Magic in line with meaningful use requirements. Shortly thereafter, Meditech announced that it would still maintain Magic systems. Despite these challenges and discouragements, Grillo said that further reflection made it clear that Meditech 6.0 still offered too much value to ignore.

"The most important of those [reasons for migration] was that we felt 6.0 would best align with our corporate strategies. We also felt it would be difficult, based on physician feedback, to drive adoption of CPOE on the Magic platform. We wanted to be an employer of choice for physicians in our service area and are convinced that the need for a new look and feel of the CPOE application … will achieve that," Grillo wrote.

Meditech 6.0 migration may be overwhelming, but the gains are considerable. As a result, hospitals can benefit from a partnership with a service provider capable of streamlining migration and ensuring that the new HCIS works well in conjunction with other healthcare solutions within the facility.