Summit Healthcare and mTuitive Partner to Provide Seamless Integration for Surgical Pathologists for Synoptic Reporting with Pathology Systems

The Challenge:

mTuitive’s xPert for Pathology, a workstation used by surgical pathologists for synoptic reporting and structured data capture, must integrate with pathology systems (such as Meditech Pathology, Cerner CoPath, Cerner PathNet, Sunquest) for data sharing and accuracy between systems without dual data entry. In addition, the integration of data between the two systems allows for easy reporting to Cancer Care Ontario from the pathology system.

The Solution:

The Summit Healthcare mTuitive solution uses a series of scripted interfaces written with the Summit Scripting Toolkit to allow pathologists or transcriptionist to launch the mTuitive xPert application for synoptic reporting directly from their pathology system, eliminating the need to sign onto xPert and enter patient credentials or specimen details to begin their report findings. The report findings from xPert will then be loaded back into the pathology system via a second interface. A third interface will then run on a daily basis to send a copy of the xPert report to the pathology system for the purposes of reporting this data to Cancer Care Ontario Database. In addition, a series of scripts automate manual tasks such as signing out and editing reports. The scripted interface programs can run unattended and provide a seamless interface for requested data.


  • Automates the transfer of data to mTuitive from the pathology system
  • Facilitates the review of the case and completion of the synoptic report in mTuitive
  • Automates the transfer of a pathology case from mTuitive to the pathology system
  • Provides single sign on, context management, and an easy hotkey toggle between mTuitive and the pathology system to eliminate the need to sign on to another system and search for the record
  • Allows for easy access to data for Cancer Center Ontario reporting
  • Workflow automation of data entry results in a significant increase in productivity