How to choose the right interface engine and integration partner

Healthcare IT has changed quickly during the past few years. The rise of cloud computing and other innovative technologies is pushing that change and driving advances even further. As these solutions continue to evolve, some industry experts have begun to question the role of interface engine platforms. However, a recent Healthcare IT Guy report said the interface engine is evolving alongside other solutions, expanding into a part of a large-scale healthcare system integration platform that can keep pace with innovation and drive IT growth in hospitals.

The report focused primarily on three aspects of the interface engine: technology, security/regulatory compliance and the vendor.

When it comes to choosing the right technology, it is vital that hospitals focus on interface engine platforms that are capable of handling requirements set forth by contemporary data platforms. For example, the news source said an interface engine should be able to handle the .NET framework and J2EE for the broad platform along with supporting major data messaging standards, including HL7 2x and XML. The Summit Healthcare interoperability technology can meet all of these requirements and more including being ready to support our clients as they prepare for CCD.

In terms of security and regulatory concerns, the report explained that any interface engine needs to be secure enough to meet all HIPAA requirements and also capable of complying with the operational standards set forth in meaningful use regulations. Summit Healthcare is uniquely positioned to meet these requirements as we provide security and a focus on meaningful use along with every solution we offer. However, we also go beyond this basic requirement and are willing to work with our clients to meet their specific security requirements, ensuring a safe transition into integration and interface engine deployment.

According to the Healthcare IT Guy, the provider is essential to interface engine success, with customization and flexibility standing out as key attributes of any vendor. At Summit Healthcare, we provide IT experts to help our customers get their interface engine infrastructure set up precisely in line with their needs. It is not, by any means, a one-size-fits-all solution. At the same time, we also offer training for our clients, helping them learn to use the solution as well as possible to ensure ongoing success.

As you consider making an investment in interface engine technology, make sure you choose the right blend of technology, security and vendor capabilities to meet your requirements and get the most out of your investment.  Where is your organization on this windy, sometimes uphill integration path?

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