Information integration needs looming with HIMSS Conference on the horizon

Considering the rapid rise of EHR systems, the push to achieve meaningful use and the growing importance of HIEs within this sphere, healthcare system integration is emerging as a key need in the health sector. With the HIMSS12 Conference next week, the use of innovative healthcare solutions is undoubtedly on the mind of many healthcare practitioners.

As more medical facilities make the move to EHRs, many experts agree 2012 will see most organizations striving for meaningful use and working to deploy HIE systems in an effort to improve collaboration throughout the sector. Success in these areas will require creative deployment strategies, IT leadership and a focus on integrating information between different aspects of the EHR solution.

Enabling providers to effectively share medical information between emergency care EHRs and insurance and payment records systems is just one of the critical functions of information integration.

Topics of this nature will be a major priority at HIMSS12, with the event focusing on the motto “Linking people, potential and progress.” Within the conference itself, this means that visitors will be able to interact with leaders in the healthcare IT industry and see first hand how different medical providers have implemented advanced technologies and integrated them to support information-sharing initiatives that are becoming so critical in the sector.

The catchphrase also describes the overarching trends in the healthcare industry, establishing the event as a microcosm of the sector as a whole. Progress is becoming the keyword of the healthcare sector. Years of inefficient operational models bred stagnation and created an industry that was built around insurance and billing, not patient care. Government initiatives are working to curb this trend, pushing for progress that will create potential in the industry.

The rapid pace of healthcare IT’s evolution has established the sector’s potential. Now that the foundation is in place, it is time for the sector to move on to integrating EHR infrastructure and developing policies that support meaningful use and HIE expansion. These measures could take healthcare from the goal of progress to the point where it reaches its full potential and brings the focus back to the people. Integration is an essential link between patients and the care that medical providers can offer them.

With its focus on progress, potential and people, HIMSS12 is poised to give medical providers the tools and knowledge they need to enable healthcare information integration and collaboration in such a way that they can better meet meaningful use standards and improve HIE infrastructure.

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