Local Digital Roadmaps “We Can Work It Out”

Posted on behalf of Barry Njoes, Regional Sales Manager

I have been very fortunate to attend several meetings in the beautiful city of Liverpool England, the home of the Beatles.   I’ve visited the Beatles Museum along the shores of the River Mersey.   Took a picture with the Fab Four statues.   Even enjoyed a pint at the legendary Cavern Club, the first place the Beatles played.  All wonderful memories that will last a life time.

I was not around for the Beatles invasion of the US in 1964, but it spread across our country like wild fire.  We were able to listen and feel the greatness of the Beatles in the US, something the UK had known already. The NHS’s Five Year Forward View 2020 and the Local Digital Roadmap initiatives are focused on the use information and technology and make sure patient records are digital and interoperable by 2020.   These technology requirements greatly parrellel the US’s Meaningful Use intiatives.  Like the UK knew the Beatles before the US, the US has already been down this local digital road of sharing patient data and can learn from our mistakes.

​In 2010, the United States Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology launched Meaningful Use Requirements.  Meaningful use is using certified electronic health record (EHR) technology to: Improve quality, safety, efficiency, and reduce health disparities. Engage patients and family. Improve care coordination, and population and public health. Maintain privacy and security of patient health information.  Very similar to the Local Digital Roadmaps.

Being from Boston, I have always been amazed by the power of the Beatles Invasion and the hysteria it brought to the US.   Meaningful Use mandate brought the same hysteria to Hospitals, Chief Information Officers, and IT Directors.   The typical questions of who, what, how, why and lastly how much, questions quickly arose.   The EHR vendors quickly reacted to ensure their system met the requirements as well as Interoperability vendors like us at Summit Healthcare.

One of my favorite Beatles song is “We can Work it out”.  The team at Summit Healthcare quickly adopted this theme to work with our current client base to meet the Meaningful Use requirements.   We created an EHR Vendor agnostic Interoperability platform that enabled our clients to share meaningful data across their local health networks.  Summit became a consultative partner assisting and adopting our technology to address the specific who, what, how and why’s.

We also enabled them to share the data and present it on their terms and robustly track the sharing.  One of the challenges quickly identified during the implementation of Meaningful Use was the sharing of quality patient data.  Sharing patient data is fantastic, but the key is sharing the most pertinent data.   More is not necessarily better for the GP’s.   Tracking the sharing of the data is paramount for auditing and reporting.  A key requirement Summit addressed during our Meaningful Use invasion.

Regardless of what shore the Beatles invaded, they always had a tremendous impact.   Just like the Local Digital Roadmaps and Meaningful Use initiatives will have a great impact on patient care.  Our patients and providers will greatly benefit from all our hard work and like the Beatles song said, “We can work it out”!

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