Meredith Muir - Vice President Operations

Phone: (781) 519-4840 x 136
Fax: (801) 640-7806

Meredith joined Summit Healthcare Services in 2002 and has over 29 years experience in the Healthcare Industry. She has worked with a wide variety of HIS Systems during her career and has managed hundreds of conversion and product implementations for Summit Healthcare. Meredith’s technical proficiency and leadership of Summit Healthcare’s Operations Organization is the driving force behind the continued success of each client engagement. A hands-on leader, she leads the Operations division by example, which continues to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction in the area of implementation, delivery and support. Meredith also provides input to product direction based on her work with the client base, and is instrumental in retaining Summit Healthcare’s client base with an industry-leading client retention rate of over 99%.

Prior to joining Summit Healthcare Services, Meredith was the Senior Technical Analyst for Compass Information Solutions and assisted in the management of the operations group. She has also worked at Northside Hospital (Atlanta, Georgia) in the areas of Information Technology and Accounting as well as in other independent healthcare facilities.

Meredith holds a Bachelors degree from the University of Georgia in Athens, GA.


Personal highlights

What I love about Summit

The people.

My favorite place
ever traveled

I enjoy going to the Grove Park Inn and San Dustin, FL every year.


Drawing, kids sports (baseball, basketball, football...)

Strangest thing
I’ve ever eaten

Not strange, but Escargot and Foie Gras because of what they are (Snails and Duck Liver).