Paul Actis - Vice President Research & Development

Phone: (866) 925-9375 x 129
Fax: (801) 720-9545

Paul Actis joined Summit Healthcare in 2007 as the Director of Software Development and was largely responsible for overseeing enhancements for Summit Healthcare’s existing product line and all new development work. Since early 2008 Paul and his team have been setting standards for the internal Summit Healthcare development efforts and the integrated Apex product line. The Summit Apex product line is reflective of this strategy with a core technical platform based on the .NET Framework 3.5, a common user interface and shared application processes.

Paul was recently promoted to VP Research & Development with a growing and talented development team under him. Prior to joining Summit Healthcare, Paul was employed at Picis, responsible for leading development initiatives centered on their OR Manager Web Access, Client Access Center, and HL7 interface engine applications. Paul also worked as a Senior Application Engineer at MicroScript Corporation, where he lead multiple product releases, along with participating in implementation and training activities for both direct clients and VAR’s.

Paul holds a Bachelor of Arts in Finance from Bryant College.