Southwest Medical Center Partners with Summit Healthcare for Bi-directional Integration with Physician Offices

Braintree, Mass.,- Summit Healthcare, a leading healthcare system integration provider, has expanded its technology offering with Southwest Medical Center to meet their needs for  bi-directional integration with their physician offices.  Southwest Medical Center will be implementing the Summit Provider Exchange solution this spring.  The Kansas-based regional acute care facility has been live with the Summit Express Connect interface engine technology since 2010 to control their hospital integration needs with 3rd party vendors. 

Implementing Summit Provider Exchange is an ideal fit for Southwest Medical Center because it will enable the ability to streamline the hospital's physician office integration processes. The solution is capable of helping organizations keep up with the shifting healthcare landscape by enabling bi-directional order and result processes as well as patient ADT functions. Through customization, intelligent data routing and mapping, Summit Provider Exchange eases integration challenges and helps deliver a significant ROI. When Southwest Medical Center established the Summit interface engine in 2010, it created a solid foundation for enabling future integration projects. Implementing Summit Provider Exchange is another step forward in the chain of integration advances available to healthcare organizations.

"After finding success working with Summit Healthcare on an ongoing basis, it was time to move forward and advance our integration efforts to another level," said Shelley Mayes, Director IT, Southwest Medical Center. "Summit Provider Exchange is allowing us to improve our interaction with physician offices, especially through its registration and order management capabilities."

Registration management is well-suited for optimizing patient care by ensuring physicians have access to information about the right patient at all times. Typically, an individual is given one registration number with his or her primary physician for that EHR system, then another medical record for LAB processing at the Hospital. Registration management automates the workflow between these diverse EHRs, allowing the hospital HIS system to recognize patients correctly in spite of the different medical record numbers. Order management is another key feature of Summit Provider Exchange, as it allows the provider exchange system to actually hold a LAB or RAD order until a patient is checked into the hospital. As a result, the system is not inundated with orders if a patient waits months to go to the hospital after seeing his or her physician. The integration platform actually stores these orders and automatically releases them when a person checks in at the hospital.

"Our relationship with Southwest Medical Center has been in place for over two years and we were pleased to enable an even greater level of integration to meet their evolving needs,” said Ted Rossi, CEO for Summit Healthcare. "Integration with physician offices is yet another demand that faces our hospitals and Summit Healthcare is pleased we were able to assist Southwest."                                                                      
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Summit Product Suite

The Summit integrated product suite provides the healthcare industry with a comprehensive toolset for integration and automation needs and has quickly become the standard for streamlining efforts.  From interface management to data migration and dictionary maintenance efforts, the Summit product suite includes:

  • Summit Express Connect — a robust, powerful interface engine with inherent mapping and filter capabilities. Seamlessly integrate your HCIS with 3rd party ancillary systems, HIE/RHIO, ACO or to meet MU objectives.
  • Summit Provider Exchange — a scalable, secure solution that facilitates the integration of bi-directional patient data between the hospital and the EMR at the physician office or clinic.  
  • Summit Scripting Toolkit — a full-featured workflow and task automation tool that also provides the means to extract and parse data, and is often used when conventional (HL7) methods to deliver data are not available. 
  • Summit InSync — the market leading solution for dictionary maintenance accomplished through a powerful extraction, analysis and update process that ensures dictionaries are synchronized from test to live and across multiple facilities or platforms.
  • Summit Downtime Reporting System — ensures continuous access to critical patient data for clinicians at all times, to ensure quality of care and operational continuity in the event of MEDITECH or network downtime.

For our healthcare clients that do not have the resources to develop and manage interfaces internally, Summit Healthcare offers Integration Outsourcing Services as part of a complete integration package.