Huntington Hospital

Summit InSync Makes Dictionary Maintenance Easy At Huntington Hospital

The Challenge:

A prominent 525-bed non-profit, community hospital located in sunny California needed to find a way to improve the way they were maintaining their MEDITECH HCIS Dictionaries between their Test and Live environments. Maintaining dictionary synchronization between HCIS environments (and sometimes other third party applications that share doctors or users) is very important as it impacts new services that an organization activates, is required for special Blood Bank verification procedures when preparing for an HCIS update, and also provides a great test environment (simulated Live) for training new staff. In addition, properly maintained dictionaries helps IT users to expedite the diagnosis and resolution of Live issues within a given application (recreate a Live problem in Test). So, with the need fully established, the Hospital began to survey their choices and gather their process improvement plan. They could choose to:

  • Continue to move forward with time consuming manual data entry between systems (hundreds of dictionaries in each environment)
  • Use task automation tools (scripting) to extract an entire dictionary from one system and overwrite the changes into the other environment. This would still be inefficient (all or nothing approach), but it was a viable option.
  • Find a specialty application that would enable them to automate the entire process as much as possible including data extraction, analysis, and update.

After careful consideration, they chose Summit InSync to help them achieve their dictionary management goals. Summit InSync is a specialty data management application that handles every aspect of the data synchronization process in the MEDITECH environment.

The Solution:

Stacy Bond, an experienced Business System Analyst at the Hospital was assigned as project lead for Summit InSync and hit the ground running. The first set of dictionaries that he focused on was the B/AR Procedure Dictionary, which is one of the more complex dictionaries to synchronize due to the various “multiple fields” that contain special relationships to other fields or dictionaries (children, and grandchildren). The synchronization process included three main steps: Extraction directly from MEDITECH for both environments using a selection wizard, Analysis through a GUI front end that gave Stacy a consolidated view of the data he was analyzing and also included a number of filtering options, as well as the Update script which synchronized the target environment based on one click marking. So far, Stacy has successfully synchronized over 100,000 records for this dictionary alone.

Stacy is currently working on his Lab Blood Bank Dictionaries which need to be verified extensively under special guidelines whenever there is a new service release or update from MEDITECH. Summit InSync continues to save Stacy countless hours of manual verification and data entry for all clinical and non clinical dictionaries.

Engagement Highlights:

  • Hospital synchronized over 100,000 records for the B/AR Procedure Dictionary
  • Direct access to MEDITECH via the e-Wizard – without the need for NPR
  • Includes powerful data extraction, analysis and update functionality


From what I’ve experienced, Summit InSync has the most easy to use dictionary analyzer and synchronizer application on the market today. Summit Healthcare has embedded a wizard "e-Wizard" that connects you to the MEDITECH database and lets you quickly point and click through the data selection process for analysis (without having to deal with NPR at all). So far, I have synchronized over 100,000 records between my MEDITECH Client Server environments and I’ve just gotten started. I really like how you can process the updates very quickly; this is due to the fact that I get to pick and choose exactly what I want to analyze, and then have multiple filters that help me drill down to the data I need to synchronize. I give Summit InSync a big 'thumbs up'!

Stacy Bond, Business Systems Analyst
Huntington Hospital