Summit Healthcare has been a trusted integration and automation partner to  Meditech facilities since 1999.  Migrating to Meditech 6.0 and meeting Meaningful Use are just two of the latest endeavors facing Meditech organizations and Summit Healthcare is here with you every step of the way.

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Meditech v6.07 ONC-ACB certified by Drummond Group
Recently, the value of Meditech's solutions became even more apparent, as its HCIS v6.07 offering received high-level certification.
Irish hospital leverages Meditech to achieve patient safety milestone
Galway Clinic recently became the first hospital in Ireland to leverage electronic medication ordering throughout its entire inpatient setting by using Meditech solutions.
GBMC leverages Meditech to optimize EHR data availability
Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC) utilizes Meditech's Custom Special Panels enhancement to centralize EHR information.
Bristol Hospital achieves HIMSS Stage 6
Recently, Bristol Hospital and Health Care Group joined the exclusive group of hospitals to achieve HIMSS Stage 6 recognition.
Cass County Memorial Hospital achieves both HIMSS Stage 6, Meaningful Use Stage 1
For a hospital to truly experience the benefits of EHRs, it must also take steps to ensure that EHRs are used in a meaningful capacity within the healthcare organization.One hospital that has taken such steps, and received recognition for doing so, is Cass County Memorial Hospital.
Meditech's Physician Forum provides insight for healthcare organization
Some organizations, such as Fraser Health Authority, have taken advantage of Meditech's Physician Forum to gain essential insight and connections.
Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare achieves HIMSS Stage 6, Meaningful Use Stage 1
Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare recently earned two of the most prestigious forms of recognition in EHR adoption HIMSS Stage 6 and Meaningful Use Stage 1.
Health IT advances can empower patients
On one level, the idea of empowering patients in their own care can be terrifying. The data privacy and distribution issues that come with engagement strategies are considerable, making empowerment plans a major challenge.
William W. Backus Hospital reaches HIMSS Stage 6
The William W. Backus Hospital recently reached HIMSS Analytics Stage 6, according to Meditech Magazine.
Meditech focuses on quality
November was World Quality Month, and Meditech decided it would recognize that fact by gathering 20 individuals from its customer base for a special event focused on finding ways to improve Meditech.
Summit Healthcare client Wayne Memorial achieves HIMSS Stage 6 certification
The Wayne Memorial Hospital in Pennsylvania recently solidified its place as a leading innovator in the healthcare industry by achieving Stage 6 HIMSS recognition for its electronic medical record system, the Wayne Independent reported.
IT innovation helps hospital make most of Meditech
The Magnolia Regional Health Center in Mississippi has used the Meditech platform to fuel IT advances.
Meditech customer plays key role in Massachusetts HIE
Last month, Massachusetts completed the creation of the Massachusetts Health Information Highway, the first statewide HIE to be built in the United States.
Meditech, IT innovation enabling small hospitals to accomplish big things
Small hospitals used to face severe limitations from an operational standpoint. Without the funding and staff available to keep up with their larger counterparts, they often had to provide general care while specializing in one or two areas to serve the local community.
Meditech working to ensure Meaningful Use Stage 2 readiness
With the relatively recent release of the Meaningful Use Stage 2 standards, EHR vendors are facing a number of new challenges.
Washington hospital turning to new Meditech solution
The Whidbey Island Public Hospital District, located on the largest island in the Puget Sound in Washington state, faces a number of unique challenges because it is a 35-minute ferry trip away from the mainland.
Attestation processes may be variable, but best practices still exist
Attesting for meaningful use is among the most important processes that hospitals undergo, as it allows them to obtain financial help for IT investments.
Effective records management, data sharing vital in immunization processes
Health IT advances, though often difficult to implement, can be used to deliver major improvements to care processes.
Meditech investment paying dividends for Bert Fish Medical Center
Meditech systems offer organizations access to a robust suite of EHR programs capable of offering operational gains, especially when combined with healthcare system integration and interoperability solutions.
Meditech, integration can combine for patient engagement
Healthcare is beginning to emphasize patient engagement because of the combined influence of Meaningful Use Stage 2 standards and general innovation in the industry.
Meditech, palm scanners combine to improve patient safety
Broadlawns Medical Center, an Iowa-based hospital, has revolutionized its patient check-in procedures by using palm scanning technology alongside its Meditech healthcare information system.
Ontario mental health center reaches Stage 6 EMR adoption
The Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Services of Whitby, Ontario, achieved an impressive goal recently when it became the first behavioral health facility in Canada to achieve Stage 6 EMR adoption, according to Meditech Magazine.
Meditech to focus on Stage 2 Meaningful Use
With 400 customers now attesting for Stage 1 Meaningful Use, Meditech is working to analyze the standards being released as part of the Stage 2 Meaningful Use program and adapt its EHR system accordingly.
Executive information systems on the rise
With EHR and HCIS solutions becoming prevalent across the healthcare industry, many hospital executives find themselves in a position in which they have so much data to sift through that they cannot possibly make heads or tails of what is going on in their organization.
Norfolk General Hospital upgrading Meditech system
The Norfolk General Hospital recently announced a number of new technology programs, including the purchase of new servers and phone systems and a move to migrate to a new version of the Meditech HCIS, the Dunnville Chronicle reported.
Meditech 6.0 migration offers value despite its challenging nature
Migrating to Meditech 6.0 often takes years of preparation and gradual implementation. It frequently involves an incredibly complex cycle of interface deployment, internal integration and dictionary maintenance.
Meditech a major part of innovation at Rockingham Memorial Hospital
Many hospitals struggle to implement advanced IT solutions, despite a desire to use technology to improve care, because they lack the financial resources or expertise needed to deploy innovative systems.
Avera gaining substantially from e-prescription tool
Avera Health, a regional healthcare provider, has garnered considerable operational and financial gains through a robust e-prescription system that was initially implemented in 2008 and has matured substantially since then.
Hospital benefits from Meditech investment
The Gila Regional Medical Center in New Mexico was among the early Meditech adopters and has leveraged this position into official attestation for Stage 1 meaningful use requirements.
Southeastern Med using new Meditech system
Southeastern Med, an acute care center in Ohio, recently held a midnight ribbon cutting ceremony to commence its use of a new Meditech hospital information system, the Daily & Sunday Jeffersonian reported.
Integration pays off for Canadian healthcare providers
Healthcare systems integration is critical for medical providers working to either consolidate multiple electronic health records systems or share information between different internal and third-party EHRs.