Workflow Automation

Streamlining workflow through automation technology is a quick and easy way to increase productivity and allow your staff to concentrate on priority projects.   From uploading batch amounts of data to connecting systems to interactive system integration, scripting technology is your end user behind the scenes getting the job done.  Functional in any HIS or 3rd party ancillary system and functional for any end user skill type. 

Read on to see how your healthcare peers are tackling their workflow automation needs!

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Hospitals must focus on performance when implementing EHR systems
Optimizing healthcare IT performance is particularly important thanks to provisions in the Affordable Care Act.
Bill Clinton calls on healthcare providers to embrace IT
Speaking at the HIMSS 2013 conference in New Orleans, Bill Clinton called for hospitals and other healthcare providers to further embrace IT solutions as a means of cutting costs and improving service.
EHRs should play more prominent role in ICU, researchers say
According to a recent report,ICUs should better utilize electronic health records EHRs for triaging.
For quick lab results, hospitals need to leverage EHRs more effectively
As numerous hospitals have discovered, choosing and implementing an EHR system will not guarantee results. To make the most of EHRs, hospitals need to have the right tools, people and practices in place, as a recent study demonstrated.
Printing and healthcare intersect in need for workflow automation
One would not expect to look at the printing sector and find natural comparisons to healthcare.
Manufacturing automation trends can help healthcare
The advent of EHR and HCIS infrastructure in hospitals has created a number of unique operational challenges that must be overcome with strategic technology investments.
Workflow automation can pay dividends in laboratory environments
Healthcare lab departments face a challenging operating climate because they not only have to perform extremely complex tests using specialized technology, they also have to document these practices using tools that integrate well with other hospital records systems.
Workflow automation an efficiency enabler
Workflow automation, which often plays a key role in healthcare scripting solutions, provides a solid option for many businesses and hospitals because it automates many of the tedious tasks that hold workers back and provides opportunities for improved operational efficiency.
Workflow automation can improve hospital efficiency
Healthcare scripting solutions, which are often built around workflow automation, can enable clinical staff to get more done in less time and with fewer resources.
Former HIMSS chairman to discuss workflow challenges in healthcare
Barry Chaiken, who currently serves as the chief medical officer at DocsNetwork, will discuss the pains that hospitals have been feeling regarding the relationship of technological changes and workflow at the upcoming West Coast Soarian User Group Meeting in Denver.
Expert: Workflow documentation needed amid EHR transition
Data accuracy is key in almost any healthcare operation. Whether it's a major surgery or a simple prescription, care providers - and their patients - must be confident that the information they're working with is up to date and relevant to their practices.
Workflow struggles hamper meaningful use progress
A new study from healthcare technology provider Imprivata found that many healthcare IT professionals are struggling to align their practices to achieve stages 1 and 2 meaningful use -- a challenge that could have significant repercussions if not remedied in the near future.
IT advances still needed to support population health management
A recent study from the Institute for Health Technology Information found the current healthcare IT climate is not positioned to support population health initiatives.
Workflow automation bringing healthcare to next level of operational efficiency
Countless hospitals have now deployed EHR infrastructure. As a result, the industry focus has shifted somewhat to begin hyping HIEs, accountable care organizations and similar advanced ideals that further the evolution of health IT, HealthcareITNews reported.