Summit Downtime Reporting System

If your healthcare information system software or network goes "down" patient care must continue.  System downtime can occur at any time whether scheduled or unscheduled resulting in a short downtime or lengthy outage.  This can effect your HIS or network so being prepared for each and every scenario must be a priority at your organization!

With the passing of the HIPAA Final Rule, addressing system downtime is now mandated in the Administrative Protections section (164.308).  As organizations look to achieve Meaningful Use stage 2, core objective 7 points directly to HIPAA.  Ensuring your staff has access to critical electronic patient data can no longer be an afterthought. Summit Healthcare provides a secure, advanced and turn-key technology platform adopted by countless hospitals for business continuity; the Summit Downtime Reporting System™.

The Summit Downtime Reporting System provides clinical and non-clinical users with a snapshot of  key information, easily accessible from multiple touch points at the hospital.  You can push critical report data to countless nursing units, ancillary departments and IT to ensure downtime is as streamlined and stress free as possible. 

As organizations look to create their business continuity plan the question becomes what is a reasonable amount of time to be down without access to critical patient data?

Summit Downtime Reporting 4.3 Highlights and Benefits:

  • Leverage your existing system report- Summit DRS can accept, encrypt and distribute any type of report from any type of system
  • Secure report encryption and distribution - patient privacy and data protected at all times
  • Supports any HCIS vendor system and Network downtime
  • Approved business partner of Cerner for Summit DRS
  • Unlimited end user downtime stations- One client has over 150 downtime stations live!


  • PDF Split- provide one large report and we can organize based on your defined criteria (MRN, location)
  • Keyword Filters to easily search specific content within any report.
  • Centralized updates for your downtime stations (push updates, configurations, purging and numerous functions from one server to hundreds of downtime stations)
  • Active Directory (AD) refresh function keeps AD users synced to your DRS Users
  • Supports Bio-Metrics login
  • Secure Audit trail and time out features to protect patient data

Summit Downtime Reporting Product