Summit InSync

Summit InSync™ provides an easy to use data analysis and synchronization application that can be applied across your hospital enterprise. For routine synchronization and intermittent projects, Summit InSync is the only tool needed to guide users through the step by step process of data extraction, analysis, and automated updating of Meditech dictionaries.

Announced in September 2013, Meditech has joined forces with Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO) to deliver a database of up to 260,000 standard language and terminology.  The goal is to assist organizations with increased clinical EHR adoption and better prepare for Meaningful Use standardization.

Delivering 260,000 potential records into your Test dictionaries... how will you migrate this data to your Live dictionaries?

Summit InSync 5.0 Highlights and Benefits:

  • Direct Meditech dictionary extraction - no lengthy scripting or reports to extract the data
  • Supports all parent/child relationships in Meditech dictionaries
  • Color-coded analysis screen with robust filtering and flagging methods for updating
  • Simplifies clinical implementation and easily creates realistic training environments
  • Benchmark reporting to demonstrate immediate ROI


  • Meditech 6.0 driver- can extract any Meditech platform including 6.0
  • Dictionary viewer- presents the parent/child dictionary relationships for easy analysis in all Meditech platforms.
  • Difference Report- color coded spreadsheet that can be shared with any department to verify dictionary discrepancies
  • Run multiple InSync projects and extractions at the same time.  Great for hospital IDN's.
  • Schedule and automate your dictionary extraction through the embedded Summit Scheduler
  • Supports your 64 bit operating system for even more power


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