Summit Scheduler

Much more than just an event scheduler the Summit Scheduler is a robust IT toolset with extensive file management capabilities.

Managing your healthcare information system data center is becoming more complicated every day.  Today’s highly automated healthcare IT world demands a more flexible tool to handle the day to day work found in every healthcare organization. The Summit Scheduler has built in functionality to accomplish what you need to do in your daily IT life providing one toolset to help you gain efficiencies in your daily workflow.

Better yet it's built in to all of the Summit automation product (Summit Scripting Toolkit, Summit InSync, Summit Downtime Reporting System) and available free upon installation with your software purchase.

Summit Scheduler Highlights, Benefits and Features:

  • Easily launch any application including all Summit Healthcare products
    • Time based-you choose the interval (min, hrs, days)
    • File based- properties (age, filename)
  • Provides tools that are highly interactive and desired by today’s IT Staff
  • Extensive file manipulation such as (move, copy, delete, email, FTP)
  • Encrypt, decrypt, zip and unzip data
  • Run any executable or batch file including command line arguments
  • Use file triggers to monitor a directory using file properties
  • Advanced error logic