Summit Care Exchange

Clinical Excellence through Continuity of Care

Exchanging patient clinical summaries during all transitions of care not only leads to improved patient outcomes, but it is also a federally mandated objective. The continuity of care document implements a standard for the data exchange to ensure the information is accepted and usable by all participating systems.

Summit Healthcare can streamline and support your transition of care meaningful use objective by supporting your CCD data exchange. Providing the summary of care data to all clinicians will support better, more informed clinical decision making and patient outcomes.

Summit Care Exchange Highlights, Benefits and Features:

  • Configure inbound/outbound CCD Integration connections with multiple entities
  • Send and consume CCDs with another entity for support of the MU transition of care requirement
  • Share all file and report types with your providers
  • Communicate with HIEs, Ambulatory Vendor Providers, other Hospitals, and/or Patient Portals
  • Supports Direct Messaging with the fully integrated Summit Healthcare HISP
  • Supplement your organization's Direct Data Exchange goals using IHE’s ITI Standards for CCD integration protocols
  • Query HIE and RLS Repositories for Patients' CCD's
  • Ingest CCD's with the added flexibility to filter or remove inactive, duplicate or old data
  • Easy, streamlined configuration of your CCD interfaces using the Summit Apex Mapper
  • Fully integrated with the Summit Dashboard; centralized interface monitoring/alerting
  • Fully integrated with the Summit Express Connect interface engine
  • Can be used in conjunction with your organizations existing interface engine technology

Summit Care Exchange