MEDITECH Migration Testimonials


Providence chose Summit Healthcare because of their proven technology and their deep MEDITECH experience.  It was a thorough vendor investigation process and Summit Healthcare came out on top as the leader in dictionary management and automation technology.  We are already underway with our dictionary synchronization efforts and as we prepare for our MEDITECH migration we look forward to streamlining this once laborious process."  

                       -  Daniel Nash, Clinical Applications Manager, Providence Health California  

 As Memorial Hospital began its strategic plan for our MEDITECH migration we quickly realized that there was more to our plan than application implementation and hardware requirements.  We needed to find an integration and automation partner that could assist us with our interface landscape and help us tackle our data and dictionary management needs including a plan for business continuity in the event of a downtime. Summit Healthcare provided the whole package and came highly recommended in the MEDITECH community."  

                                     - Jennifer Meinkoth, Chief Information Officer, Memorial Hospital


Boulder Community Hospital selected Summit Healthcare because of their proven track record for streamlining complex interface environments as we approach our MEDITECH migration. The Summit Healthcare Apex product suite namely the Summit Express Connect interface engine will replace two engines at BCH and not only will this save the hospital money, but it will allow us to implement interfaces faster and with fewer resources. ” 

                                                   -Linda Minghella, Chief Information Officer, Boulder Community Hospital

Beaufort Memorial Hospital is thrilled to begin our partnership with Summit Healthcare as we take this important step to upgrade our hospital information system to the latest Meditech platform. We quickly realized that there is more to our migration plan then simply application implementation and hardware/infrastructure requirements. It’s important that we understand our interface landscape and how to successfully integrate systems including our physician offices without getting tangled in a web of hundreds of point to point and custom interfaces across multiple vendors. I was amazed at the ROI with the just the interface engine alone. When Summit Healthcare presented the total package solution with their Apex suite and the support of their professional services staff, it was an easy decision.

                                                                -Ed Ricks, Chief Information Officer , Beaufort Memorial Hospital

Jordan Hospital selected Summit Healthcare and their Summit Apex product suite to assist with our Meditech migration efforts because of their proven track record with reliable integration and automation software including excellent customer service. Contracting with one single vendor to provide all interface development and support of our Physician Office Integration efforts will allow our IT staff here at Jordan to focus on the application and strategic implementation of the Meditech 6.0 platform.
                                                                        -Dennis Fonseca, Chief Information Officer, Jordan Hospital

Cayuga Medical Center is pleased to enter into a partnership with Summit Healthcare to assist with our integration and automation needs as we take on the Meditech conversion project. We expect to see short term cost savings by leveraging the Summit interface engine for our complex interface landscape. Summit Healthcare has proven that they have the expertise to deliver a solid interface engine with the flexibility that will be important in our future integration efforts. The additional products and professional services of the Summit Apex product suite- Summit InSync, Summit Scripting Toolkit and Summit Outsourcing will assist us in a focused and streamlined conversion. ” 
                                     -Tony Votaw, VP and Chief Information Officer, Cayuga Medical Center


As we began our search for an integration partner, we knew we needed to find a company with the tools to help with our current interface needs as well as solutions that would act as a foundation for future integration initiatives. We chose Summit Healthcare not only for its robust Apex product suite, but also because of its strong presence, deep experience and record of success in the MEDITECH space, which was important to us as a long-time MEDITECH user.

                                    - Craig Rice, IT Director ,Schneck Medical Center


When our team embarked on this process of upgrading our clinical information systems, we saw it as a perfect time to evaluate our workflows, automate more processes and better integrate our systems – Summit Healthcare was the perfect partner for this effort.  Their deep knowledge and ability to draw on the experiences of other organizations just like ours has made them an invaluable asset. As we look ahead to the next set of challenges, including interfacing with the Indiana HIE and our planned migration to MEDITECH, we are very pleased to have Summit Healthcare in our corner.

Barry Owens, PACS Administrator, OrthoIndy/IOH


Bristol Hospital chose Summit Healthcare because of their proven technology and their deep MEDITECH experience. As a new MEDITECH facility we quickly realized inserting data into the proprietary database was difficult and therefore migrating our current data to the new system was going to be extremely resource intensive. We needed a technology tool to quickly upload data and interact with other applications such as Excel, Access, etc. to automate the many MEDITECH dictionaries. Bristol Hospital expects the Summit Scripting Toolkit to be extremely valuable as we navigate through our data conversion efforts during our implementation phase. Once the time and resources to create the scripts are in place we plan to automate the data entry process continuously which will be invaluable as we tackle future automation projects. "  

                                    - Jorge Machado, Manager of Apps and Programming, Bristol  Hospital