Summit Healthcare Company Testimonials

I've been a fan of Summit Healthcare for quite some time.Their support is fantastic and sales staff knowledgeable.  The company overall is extremely easy to work with and I would recommend them wholeheartedly without reservation."

-Paul MacDonald, (former) Manager Clinical Applications, Civista Medical Center


One critical area for reducing costs in healthcare is the black art of making different computer systems talk to each other. We’ve found Summit Healthcare a reliable partner to assist us as we connect to a wide range of end-points. We’re delighted with the speed and effectiveness of our recent connection to the Rochester Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO). Summit Healthcare’s expertise and support made the experience fast, reliable, and affordable.

- Ernest W. Lehmann, CIO, Noyes Memorial Hospital  

Thank you so much for the diligent and efficient work that you did for Noyes to connect to the Rochester RHIO. As a community Health Information Exchange, we work with a lot of vendors and so far none can compare to the speed, efficiency & flexibility in which Summit Healthcare demonstrated for this project.

LaRon L. Rowe, Manager Technical Services
Rochester RHIO

We have a long-standing relationship with Summit Healthcare beginning with data conversions in 2001. We find that Summit Healthcare products are extremely reliable as well as being user friendly. We purchased CS Print Manager, followed by SST and then the Integration Suite engine. With CS Print Manager, we were able to have nearly 100 different reports spooling out to a web based product or printing to a network printer within the first week. Our CS Prints are so reliable that we do one quick morning check on them and don’t worry about them again until the next morning. The scripts that we have running through the scripting tool are equally as reliable. We have also used SST with other databases besides Meditech. As for the Summit Integration Suite engine, we have multiple ADT feeds, as well as an order/result feed for a reference lab product currently running through the engine. Tomorrow, we will be running our current Meditech ITS feed for PACS and voice recognition transcription product through the engine to create a tap for our new cardiology PACS system.

What we value the most with Summit Healthcare is their support. They are continually using feedback from their clients to improve their products. Support tickets are always answered within a timely manner and often resolution is immediate. We also appreciate the fact that Summit doesn’t over-sell their products. With other vendors we have found that their products don’t perform as demo’d without adding enhancements, usually at additional costs. This is not the case with Summit Healthcare. In fact all of their products perform exactly as demo’d or in many case even far above. We consider Summit Healthcare products as dollars well spent and recommend their products without reservation.

Becky Blevins, Application Analyst
Ephraim McDowell Health

I wanted to provide you with feedback on your Services Team. Brian Rogers has been developing/editing a script (provided to us by another hospital via the Summit-L) for a relatively short while - expending much effort towards ensuring the success of the project - committing time to it as he could squeeze in with his existing tasks. Throughout the process, Brian has been courteous, effective, cordial, knowledgeable and accommodating. He has consistently maintained good humor AND a professional demeanor as he's dealt with the intricacies of this .NET script and the testing thereof. Additionally, he's had to "drag" ol' Mark along for a portion of the effort... Brian has been persistent in creating a successful end point - doggedly dealing with every technical obstacle thus far. Thanks for the work Brian has done and the product we're implementing! He's a credit to the Summit Healthcare organization... Can I keep him?

Mark Blount, Information Technology
Wayne Memorial Hospital

Our partnership with Summit Healthcare has cured all of our integration needs. mTuitive’s products capture and utilize structured, discrete data and clinical codes. In order to make use of this data to the best of our abilities we need to be able to share it with all of the systems that could use our reports. Summit Healthcare’s Scripting Toolkit coupled with its professional services provided a seamless solution that has helped us at a number of our client sites to transfer this data to multiple backend systems. All of our clients utilizing Summit Healthcare have been extremely satisfied with their technical expertise and ability to deliver on their promises on time.

John Murphy, CEO
mTuitive, Inc