Patient Monitoring Device Integration

Looking to integrate your vital signs, ventilator or other monitoring devices with your HCIS?  Look no further. Getting data from your monitoring devices into your HCIS can be a challenge as monitoring devices often send an unsolicited feed of data in a constant stream with that level of data volume not always needed or accepted by your HCIS. 

The Summit Patient Monitoring Device Integration Solution solves this problem by working with your monitoring device and your HCIS to get the data you need, when you need it. By working with all types of data feeds including HL7, non-HL7, TCP/IP, and file based; the data can be processed quickly and accurately into your HCIS database. We can also handle multiple interfaces types and unique workflows that present with request/response queries or direct monitoring interfaces.   We work with a variety of monitoring devices including Phillips, Spacelabs, GE, Stinger and more!

Summit Patient Monitoring Device Integration Solution: Features and Benefits

  • Vital sign integration enables accurate, rapid clinical decision support by providing the entire patient record and expedites the delivery of patient care
  • Avoids manual data entry and room for transcription errors
  • Point of care device integration contributes to your goal of one comprehensive EMR
  • Leverage your interface investment and eliminate point to point integration

Monitoring Device Solution