Vendor Integration User Stories

With over 1000 clients Summit Healthcare is the choice of hospitals and providers who want to take full control of their healthcare systems integration and information management requirements. Not only do our hospital clients approach us about integration but many third party system vendors work closely with Summit Healthcare to integrate their systems with major healthcare information systems from Meditech to Epic to Siemens and McKesson.

Read on to see how some leading healthcare marketplace vendors have utilized the Summit Healthcare integration technology to connect to major HCIS, physician EMR and ancillary vendor systems.

Summit Integrates Picis PulseCheck with MEDITECH for a seamless flow of information between the ED and the HCIS
Read how Summit Healthcare worked closed with Picis, a robust ED system to seamlessly integrate with Meditech.
HealthPort uses Summit Healthcare to Seamlessly Integrate its Electronic Document Management System with Meditech
HealthPort’s Electronic Document Management System (HealthPort EDMS) provides access to both paper and electronic medical records.
Summit Integrates MedHost with Meditech for a seamless flow of information between the ED and the HCIS
Data captured in the emergency department must flow to the patient’s medical record in the HCIS and laboratory and other ancillary orders as well as medication administered must be sent from the HCIS to the ED to give clinicians rapid access to critical patient data and improve safety and quality of care.
Summit Integrates MedPlus Chartmaxx to Give Physicians Rapid Access to their Transcribed Reports
Transcribed reports in the HCIS need to be readily available to the physicians from their Electronic Ambulatory Record at the clinics.
Summit Integrates Stinger Medical’s Levitator™ mobile clinical workstation and integriti® vital signs monitor to Give Clinicians Rapid Access to their Patient Data
Patient vital signs information needs to be transferred from a point-of-care, mobile clinical workstation into the HCIS, for example Meditech’s Nursing/Patient Care System (PCS).
Summit Healthcare and mTuitive Partner to Provide Seamless Integration for Surgical Pathologists for Synoptic Reporting with Pathology Systems
mTuitive’s xPert for Pathology, a workstation used by surgical pathologists for synoptic reporting and structured data capture, must integrate with pathology systems (such as Meditech Pathology, Cerner CoPath, Cerner PathNet, Sunquest) for data sharing and accuracy between systems without dual data entry.