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“Summit is an essential IT partner for FHN as they understand the value component of business continuity for planned and unplanned events. The approach of Summit’s downtime solution allows for a high valued continuity which aligns with our mission statement. When assessing the multiple events that could occur and the likelihood of those events, only the downtime solution approach provided a 100% confidence level for coverage.”
– Mike Williams, CIO, FHN Memorial

Summit All Access for Downtime; Conquering Your Hospital Downtime with Convenience and Comprehensive Data in a Web Enabled Platform

hospital downtime technology

A hospital downtime, whether it’s the EHR or network failure, puts patient care at risk: a single incident can lead to negligence malpractice, legal costs, and a permanently tarnished reputation for a healthcare organization and its leaders.

However, implementing a downtime solution can be challenging. Manual workflows to process and distribute physical documents are costly, inefficient, and not secure, while designing a homegrown solution can burden an IT staff with unneeded complexity.

Summit All Access for Downtime takes the fear out of hospital downtime and business continuity planning. Securely distribute clinical documents and forms from any source system, empowering staff with the confidence to maintain quality patient care during a planned EHR downtime, a network downtime, or even an organization-wide natural disaster.

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FHN Memorial Hospital

Leveraging Summit’s Downtime Technology as Part of Business Continuity Strategy

FHN Memorial had a homegrown solution in place but as they migrated to the Meditech 6.15 platform they realized they needed a more robust hospital downtime solution to protect patient data and confidentiality throughout FHN’s organization, as well as ensure all of that patient information would be readily available in the event of a network or EHR downtime event.

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Signature Healthcare

Replaces Homegrown Downtime Solution with Summit Healthcare’s Industry-Proven Business Continuity Technology

HIPAA penalties, lost revenue, patient safety issues and negative press are some of the risks from an unplanned or planned hospital downtime. Due to a number of scheduled and unscheduled downtimes following an upgrade from MEDITECH Magic to 6.1, Signature Healthcare sought a more robust downtime solution.

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How Prepared is Your Organization for a Downtime?

Learn more about business continuity best practices, or request a downtime assessment:

24/7 Access to Data

  • Grant staff audited access to real-time and historical patient data via web portal.
  • Automate the distribution of reports, blank forms, lists, instructions, and other custom clinical and non-clinical documents throughout your organization.
  • Leverage HL7 and CCD data to compliment patient information available during hospital downtime.
  • Instantly expand your solution to new departments and facilities by granting access to the web portal.
  • Synchronize portal data to dedicated workstations for usage during network downtime.

Secure and Easy to Monitor

  • Automatically encrypt all processed data to HIPAA standards.
  • Know who, when, why, and how data is viewed or printed via user audit logs.
  • Keep your staff vigilant with robust alerting options for monitoring every part of your system.

Intuitive to Use

  • Conveniently access data via smart phones, tablets, and other tech in your organization’s BYOD policy.
  • Empower staff with user-friendly web views and search tools that streamline their workflow during the chaos of downtime.
  • Make report output data meaningful to department-specific staff using native PDF report reformatting tools.
  • Offline Registration allows your users to enter patient information to be entered in your EMR once the downtime has been lifted
  • Collect data from your end users during a downtime by building and displaying custom forms

ROI: Cost Savings

  • Eliminate time consuming or unreliable third-party workarounds in your existing system integrations.
  • Protect your organization from data security litigations with comprehensive auditing.
  • Cut back on purchasing and maintaining thick-client hardware for downtime preparedness.

Summit All Access for Downtime; Clinical Document Management


A good downtime plan is not only necessary for good patient care, but also mandated for HIPAA and Meaningful Use.  Summit All Access for Downtime fully satisfies both the HIPAA Final Rule addressing system downtime and Meaningful Use Part Two Core Objective 7.  With secure report encryption and distribution, and 100% access to patient information, you can be sure your downtime reporting needs are met in a safe, compliant fashion.

Implications of a Hospital Downtime:

hospital downtime risks

The Summit All Access Platform

All Access for Downtime provides secure data availability, 24×7, throughout your organization. Much more than just a business continuity solution, this powerful web platform offers additional functionality for those hospitals looking to take their integration capabilities a step further. All Access can be extended past the four walls of your hospital to your entire healthcare community as well. The solution offers fully audited access to patient data for care providers including customizable ADT notifications, further improving patient safety, care transitions, and helping organizations meet the new CMS Ruling.

Learn more about using Summit All Access for provider outreach and care continuity:

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