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Summit All Access
Secure, Fully Audited Data Availability 

Healthcare data management is challenging. Manual workflows to process and distribute physical documents are costly, inefficient, and unsecure, but designing a homegrown solution can burden an organization’s IT staff with unneeded complexity. Organizations are looking for elegant ways to make data accessible across all departmental teams, regardless of access to a desktop computer, network, or EHR.

Summit All Access is the one-stop-shop for effortlessly managing data availability within the hospital. Securely distribute documents to staff members with convenient 24/7 access to the data through the web. Create integrated solutions for clinicians, financial teams, and operations staff in an environment that is easy to use, implement, and maintain.


24/7 Access to Data

  • Electronically share blank forms, schedules, instructions and other documents by department or facility.
  • Automate the distribution of reports, forms, and other important documents throughout your organization.
  • Instantly expand your solution to new departments and facilities by granting access to the web portal.
  • Synchronize portal data to dedicated workstations for usage during network downtime.

Intuitive to Use

  • Conveniently access data via smart phones, tablets, and other tech in your organization’s BYOD policy.
  • Empower staff with user-friendly web views and search tools that streamline their workflow.
  • Make report output data meaningful to department-specific staff using native PDF report reformatting tools.

Secure and Easy to Monitor

  • Automatically encrypt all processed data to HIPAA standards.
  • Know who, when, why, and how data is viewed or printed via user audit logs.
  • Keep your staff vigilant with robust alerting options for monitoring every part of your system.

ROI: Cost Savings

  • Eliminate cumbersome or unreliable third-party workarounds in your existing system integration solutions.
  • Free up FTEs responsible for manually supporting ineffective, legacy third-party solutions.
  • Protect your organization from data security litigations through comprehensive auditing tools.
  • Minimize costly errors and manual work via scheduling tools that automate clinical and non-clinical workflows.
  • Cut back on purchasing and maintaining thick-client hardware.

Summit All Access Document Management


A good downtime plan is not only necessary for good patient care, but also mandated for HIPAA and Meaningful Use.  Summit All Access fully satisfies both the HIPAA Final Rule addressing system downtime and Meaningful Use Part Two Core Objective 7.  With secure report encryption and distribution, and 100% access to patient information, you can be sure your downtime reporting needs are met in a safe, compliant fashion.

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