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Interoperability with Express Connect

Summit Express Connect is a healthcare integration and mapping tool designed by interface experts for the demands of today’s hospital environment.  It allows for complex mapping without the headache of difficult programming.  Plain language documentation and an intuitive user interface put control in the hands of your IT department.

Facilitate Transitions of Care with Care Exchange

Summit Care Exchange facilitates Continuity of Care Document (CCD) exchange among hospitals, providers, Health Information Exchanges, and others, promoting interoperability and better outcomes.

Print Manager


HL7 Adaptor


See how the Summit Product Suite can benefit you today

In today’s increasing complex and accelerating healthcare world, true application integration is not a choice. It’s a necessity.

Summit Healthcare’s integrated core suite of products has been developed to meet all of your integration needs. Whether you face the challenge of a simple data script or a complete and powerful enterprise integration solution, Summit Healthcare has the answer.

We build technology that works the way you wish it would!