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Data Availability, Anytime, Anywhere

Incomplete data puts patient care and hospital operations at risk. However, most solutions do not display documents in a way that is practical and readily accessible to staff across the healthcare spectrum. Organizations are looking for ways to quickly and securely distribute data regardless of access to a desktop computer, network, or EHR.

Summit All Access is the one-stop-shop for strategically managing patient data availability throughout the healthcare enterprise. Securely distribute documents within the organization or grant audited access to documents for community providers. ADT notifications and electronic alerts can also be set up for the entire care community to support improved outcomes and transfer of care – helping you meet the new CMS Rule. Become a leader in healthcare technology by incorporating the latest tools, data standards, and supporting technologies to accomplish cost-effective innovation in healthcare.


Success Stories

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“The implementation of All Access has been seamless thanks to the agendas, follow up tasks and availability of Summit’s implementation team to answer questions during the week, between weekly calls. They are organized and knowledgeable which gives you confidence that the execution of the product will be just as smooth and successful! As a longtime customer, I can assure you their support staff are just as skilled and take pride in their product and how it works for you.”

Kimberly McCarty, IT Applications Supervisor at Lincoln Surgical Hospital

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“The benefits of this technology are two-fold. There is less of a burden on Bristol’s medical records staff to field daily phone calls, faxes, and process other manual transactions. Equally as important, our provider community now has more control over the request of information and they have quicker, more efficient access to patient data through features like proactive notifications.”

Wendy Lollar, CVIS Administrator at Bristol Hospital

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Convenient Access to Data

  • Instantly expand your solution to new departments and facilities by granting access to the web portal.
  • Intuitive web views make workflows more streamlined for staff and community providers.
  • No additional hardware or software for staff or community providers to install.

Secure and Fully Auditable

  • All processed data is automatically encrypted to HIPAA standards.
  • Export comprehensive user audit logs of who, when, why, and how any document is viewed or printed.

Easy to Scale and Manage

  • Leverage real-time HL7 feeds, PDF reports, and other standards to power your enterprise-wide innovations.
  • Add new users through Active Directory or through one-click sign-up via the web.
  • Support your IT staff’s on-the-go needs with email alerts and mobile device remote monitoring tools.
  • Produce system reports to analyze performance and efficiency trends throughout your entire system.

ROI: Cost Savings

  • Free up FTEs by using scheduling tools to automate manual tasks.
  • Leverage on-demand access to data to reduce preventable readmissions and improve outcomes.
  • Reduce paper transaction costs from faxing and mailing.

Enhanced Data Access for Your Community

Summit Healthcare’s All Access solution allows you to quickly and easily share timely information to providers when it’s needed to improve patient outcomes and care continuity. Information sharing can be combined with ADT notifications for providers, who want to be updated regularly on patient events they care about. Value-based care delivery requires physicians and providers to monitor patients throughout the continuum of care, not simply when they’re in the practice for a scheduled appointment.

Empower community providers with on-demand data access without giving full EHR permissions, while experiencing peace of mind knowing that all processed data is automatically encrypted to HIPAA standards.

Improved Communication Supports Transitions of Care

  • Low cost integration with your community
  • Secure Data availability with your providers
  • Easy 1-click sign up for community providers
  • Share meaningful patient information from any system
  • No delays in getting providers information
  • Labor free processing of patient records to providers
  • Reduce paper transaction costs from faxing & mailing
  • Auditing of user events mitigate any security risks
  • Improve patient care with direct access to patient hospital data
  • ADT notifications when providers want and need them – now required with the latest CMS Rule
  • Support care collaboration through electronic consults
  • Increase reimbursement opportunities through early intervention

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