Downtime Assessment Planning with Summit Healthcare

Network and HCIS downtime, whether planned or unplanned, are a fact of life in today’s hospitals and healthcare organizations.  While these events have traditionally been a source of frustration, high stress, and potential risk to patients, Summit Healthcare’s team provides downtime assessment planning and training in order to inspire confidence across your hospital staff and patient base.

Preparation is the staple of every successful healthcare organization. Successful healthcare CIO’s understand that planning for service or network interruptions can be the crucial difference that guarantees patient care will continue uninterrupted.  Summit Healthcare brings expertise in downtime assessment planning to your organization and is able to back it up with the powerful and comprehensive Summit All Access, a product that automatically distributes reports organization wide according to set rules and needs in the event of network downtime.  Summit All Access allows clients to satisfy Meaningful Use and can be fully integrated with any EHR.

At Summit Healthcare, we work with you to provide an assessment of your organization’s operations, needs, and the best way to prepare for EHR or network downtime, whether planned or unplanned. Every business continuity plan needs a strategy for maintaining quality of care and access to critical data for end users during network downtime.

Summit Works With You

We are experts in the assessment of a healthcare organization’s critical needs and requirements. Our team of experienced analysts will work with your organization to help you outline your plan and ensure you have identified the proper data and reporting for business continuity purposes in order to maintain uninterrupted patient care. We will work with your team to evaluate and outline the best practices related to the planning of model reports for every department and every user in the event of a downtime.

Learn more about Summit All Access and how Summit Healthcare will help you streamline and perfect one of the most critical aspects of business continuity for a healthcare organization.