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Unlock the Power of Automation with the Summit Scripting Toolkit for Cerner Blood Bank Validation

Cerner Blood Bank Validation — In partnership with S&P Consultants; powered by the Summit Scripting Toolkit

We at Summit Healthcare are the automation experts, which is why S&P Consultants, a Summit Healthcare partner, now offers their Blood Bank Validation (BBV) services to Cerner Millennium clients, including all testing documentation required by the FDA and the AABB.  A proven solution with numerous customers to date, this service is now enhanced by the power of automation and supported by the Summit Scripting Toolkit workflow technology.

Satisfy All Blood Bank Validation Regulations

As Cerner clients are faced with ongoing EHR software changes, federal mandates dictate that Blood Bank Validation occurs to ensure accountability and that patient safety is upheld. This presents a complex and ongoing challenge for many organizations on a day-to-day basis. The S&P BBV solution delivers clear and concise results, to be used by the client in analysis and testing, and as a means for all regulatory agencies to quickly review the testing performed.

Stay ahead of regulatory changes with the speed and accuracy of Cerner Blood Bank Validation.  You can count on the consulting expertise of S&P Consultants and the automated solutions provided by Summit Healthcare to keep this service at the vanguard of blood bank validation.

Blood Bank Validation Done Better Through Automation

The Summit Scripting Toolkit, a powerful workflow automation platform, now supports the BBV services offered by S&P to markedly increase the volume of testing that can be performed, while also reducing testing time by several hundred hours.  With the S&P and Summit alignment, clients can be assured that they will have a fully compliant and audit ready system.

The Summit Scripting technology platform offers the most comprehensive solution in situations such as these and we are happy to be able to partner with Cerner and S&P and provide such a valuable service for our Cerner clients and their patients.

Unlock the Power of Automation.