Cerner Domain Compare — Summit InSync for Cerner

Domain management and synchronization are daunting challenges for any hospital.  For our Cerner clients, we are happy to be able to offer a revolutionary tool for data management,  Summit InSync Cerner domain compare and synchronization platform.
This full-featured data extraction, analysis and update platform will give your organization the ability to manage all of the data, common code sets and tables that support your Cerner environment.  The Summit InSync platform is an easy to use solution giving your IT department the flexibility to manage  your production and non-production domains for full data synchronization.  Learn all the ways the Summit InSync platform can help your organization here.

Summit Healthcare, Cerner and S&P Consultants – A Powerful Partnership

Summit InSync for Cerner is delivered to our customers  through the  strong relationship between Summit Healthcare and S&P Consultants.  Summit Healthcare’s technology platform, combined with Cerner automation and the process consulting expertise of S&P Consulting, is a valuable collaboration for Summit InSync clients leveraging Cerner’s healthcare information system. Put the labor intensive task of data synchronization into the hands of these proven experts.

The Easy to Use Three Step Synchronization Process for Summit InSync

The Summit InSync for Cerner  uses a three step domain management process that is the cornerstone for ease of use, and further refines it for excellent automation and updating of dataset synchronization.
Extract – Summit InSync provides a direct connection to the Cerner datasets. Extractions are done against different domains which allow for selecting individual tables to extract and compare.
Analyze – The domain sets are loaded into the InSync analysis tool which provides an intuitive side by side comparison of data that can flag discrepancies. Data can be marked in the analysis phase to be updated. Multiple domains can be compared at the same time, whether comparing the Mock domain to both Training and Prod, or just trying to find the differences between all of your available domains.
Update – Once data has been analyzed and marked for update, Summit InSync can provide an automated synchronization into the Cerner domains.

Valued Added Services and Features for Cerner Users

Our Cerner clients get all the benefits and features of Summit InSync, in addition to the following services and benefits which we have been able to develop due to our partnership with S&P Consultants and long-standing experience with Cerner platforms.

  • Tailored Implementation–Consulting services in support of a client’s unique automation needs.
  • Out of the Box Scripts–Pre-developed scripts and scenarios for automated testing of the system.  Saves time for your staff as you begin your project with ready-made solutions.
  • Domain Strategy and Planning–Our team helps you deep dive into domain strategy in context of project and support portfolios to ensure you maximize your investment in the Summit and Cerner suite of solutions.
  • Initial Domain Compare and Sync–We provide a solid baseline and a higher rate of adoption of the toolkit through hands-on training and initial domain compare work.
  • Configuration and Training–Ensures consistent and stable configuration at the onset of the project.  Training and support from initial onboarding through full competency with the product suite.