Summit Healthcare and Cerner — A Powerful Partnership

An approved Cerner business partner.

Summit Healthcare and Cerner clients have a long history of successful integration and continued innovation.  Summit Healthcare offers the full suite of Summit products and integration services to all customers, with the added benefit of two powerful products for our Cerner clients:  The Cerner 724Access® Enterprise Downtime Viewer powered by the Summit Downtime Reporting System, and Summit InSync.

Summit Healthcare products fully integrate with all Classic and Millennium Cerner platforms.

Summit Solutions for Cerner Clients

Summit Healthcare has solutions for our Cerner client’s needs.  We specialize in tailored approaches for organizations ranging from solo hospitals to multi-location organizations with a wide provider network.  Our interoperability platforms ease the burden of integrating your HIS with your network in order to meet your patient’s needs and the mandates of HIPAA and Meaningful Use.

Products such as our Summit Scripting Toolkit, the leading healthcare scripting automation platform on the market, will save your organization money immediately and free up your workforce leading to better productivity and further innovation.

Silver Cross Hospital

Streamlining Workflow and Task Automation with the Summit Scripting Toolkit

Silver Cross Hospital’s EHR, Cerner, had approximately 34,000 expired encounters in a pre-registration (“PRE”) status. These were encounters that were entered into Cerner but for a number of reasons were never brought to a registered status. 


Cerner 724Access® Enterprise Downtime Viewer

Cerner 724Access® Enterprise Downtime Viewer is enhanced to provide an enterprise solution powered by Summit Healthcare that enables 24/7 access to critical patient care and organizational data. Our industry-leading solutions include immediate access for all essential team members to a wide array of hospital systems during any downtime, including:

  • Clinical ancillaries
  • Ambulatory systems
  • Emergency information systems
  • Surgical information systems
  • Enterprise resource planning (human resources, financials, supply chain)
  • Admissions data

Summit InSync

With Summit InSync, database management becomes easy as dynamic domain compare and synchronization allows you to manage domains across your hospital enterprise with ease.  Summit InSync features a data analysis and update platform giving you the ability to manage all your production and non-production domains.

Summit Scripting Toolkit

The Summit Scripting Toolkit (SST) creates an immediate and lasting impact on your organization with the elimination of lengthy manual workflow processes. SST allows you to utilize data from any system, input data to any system, create near real-time or batch interfaces, and automate routine data entry tasks. SST can connect to virtually any system, including complex and proprietary Windows or Web applications, including Citrix.

Users of every level of experience are able to implement full-featured solutions to complex problems with a simple workflow process, and a proven scripting environment complete with all the advanced scripting tools necessary to build, test, and deploy scripts from a single desktop application.

Through the use of the Summit Scripting Toolkit, organizations are able to improve a multitude of workplace processes:

  • Logging into applications
  • Moving files or folders
  • Spreadsheet data entry
  • Report generation
  • Transfer and analyze data
  • Fill in forms
  • Extract data from documents
  • Scrape browsers
  • And more…

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