Downtime Report Configuration

Preparation is the staple of every successful healthcare organization. Successful healthcare CIO’s understand that planning for service and network interruptions, and the effects these interruptions have on report configuration, can be the crucial difference that guarantees patient care continues uninterrupted. Consider Summit’s Downtime Report Configuration services.

Knowing how to manage and streamline report generation and configuration is one of the most difficult tasks when preparing for a network downtime.  In this moment of crisis, who needs what information most critically, and how do you make sure it gets to them?  The Downtime Report Configuration team at Summit Healthcare can help you analyze your organization and structure your report generation and delivery process so critical information gets to the correct people right away.

We work with you to provide the proper planning of your organization’s operations, report configuration needs, and delivery.  We will help you set processes for downtime report distribution through key personnel and plan centralized access points throughout your system.  Whether planned or unplanned, you can be sure HCIS downtime will not cause any gaps in delivery of care when you partner with Summit.

Network Downtime and Meaningful Use

The Summit team and the Summit Downtime Reporting System will help you achieve Meaningful Use now and into the future.  Ensuring your staff has access to critical electronic patient data can no longer be an afterthought. Summit Healthcare provides a comprehensive approach and solution that satisfies HIPAA and Meaningful Use requirements for access to patient data.

Summit Works With You

We are experts in the assessment of a healthcare organization’s critical needs and requirements, and our team of experienced experts will work with your organization to help you outline your plan and ensure you have identified the proper data and reporting for business continuity purposes. We will work with your team to evaluate and plan the best practices related to report configuration, deployment to end user consoles, and guidance on configuration of user groups in the event of a downtime.

See how Summit All Access and the Summit Healthcare team will help you streamline and perfect one of the most critical aspects of business continuity for a healthcare organization.