Epic Hospitals Benefit Immensely from Tighter Integration and More Efficient Workflows with Summit Healthcare Solutions

Summit Healthcare provides customized integration and automation solutions for facilities running Epic. Our extensive experience with Meditech and other healthcare information systems has allowed us to adapt our technology to enhance the Epic system.

Summit Healthcare systems are trusted solutions tailored to fit your needs.

“In a hospital with a footprint the size of Bellin, it is not feasible to transition all service lines to Epic in a “big bang” approach to implementation. Alternatively, Bellin has taken an incremental approach, learning from our initial ambulatory Epic implementations, and applying those lessons to our recent acute implementation. Moving forward, our Lab and Oncology Departments will be leveraging their legacy EMR systems with specific interfaces to Epic as defined by our workflows. The Summit engine is serving a crucial component in this intermediate architecture.”

– Todd Nissen, Team Leader of Enterprise Applications at Bellin Healthcare Systems

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Epic Integration and Automation Solutions

The products we offer allow for seamless transitions from current operating procedures to more robust and efficient systems. Our solutions provide all-encompassing control over your workflow, ultimately keeping your clinicians more informed and empowered to provide better care. Our clients choose Epic because it is one of the most trusted and reliable brands in the industry. We make sure our our integration products fully support and maximize all Epic products to maintain this valuable partnership.

Summit Healthcare is the trusted standard-bearer in system-driven interoperability and integration. Epic Hospitals have discovered more capable, more complete, and all-encompassing interoperability with the integration of Summit Healthcare solutions. With the understanding that each organization uses different systems and has unique needs, Summit Healthcare works closely with Epic organizations to examine their current systems and provide the most comprehensive solutions with the best fit.

Bellin Health Systems

Leverages Summit Interface Engine to Facilitate Transition to New Epic EHR System

By maintaining its relationship with Summit Healthcare through the difficult transition to an Epic EHR, Bellin Health was able to streamline and simplify the entire migration and establish a solid foundation for integration projects in the future.


Luminis Health Systems (formerly Doctors Community Medical Center)

Continuing Partnership with Summit Healthcare Post-Epic Migration

Because DCMC had found so much value in the Summit Healthcare partnership, they decided to keep the Summit Exchange Engine, as well as Summit’s Professional Services for some of their integration needs. There were a few reasons why this made sense for the organization…


The Summit Healthcare Product Suite

The most comprehensive toolset for integration, automation, data archiving, and business continuity.

Interoperability Platform

EHR adoption and Interoperability is at the forefront of complex challenges facing hospitals today. The ability to share critical patient data amongst internal and external systems and entities is a key component to improving quality of care and patient outcomes throughout the entire continuum of care.

Business Continuity

A hospital downtime, whether it’s the EHR or network failure, puts patient care at risk: a single incident can lead to negligence malpractice, legal costs, and a permanently tarnished reputation for a healthcare organization and its leaders.

Automation Products

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