[Webcast]: How to Ensure a Successful Meditech Upgrade

/[Webcast]: How to Ensure a Successful Meditech Upgrade
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Whether upgrading from Magic to 6.X, 6.X to Expanse, or just taking a Priority Pack update, there are shared challenges that all hospitals face when it comes to integration. Each new version of Meditech comes with hurdles; workflows may have changed, interface offerings may be revised, or the message formatting itself may have been altered. All these changes must be identified and thoroughly tested. Multiply that by the total number of interface connections a hospital has, and the scope of this undertaking becomes apparent. Here, we’ll talk about these challenges, the most efficient way to address them, and what to do on the night of go-LIVE to ensure limited interface downtime and a successful upgrade.

Steps to be outlined during this presentation:
– Identifying workflow changes
– Identifying interface changes
– Unit Testing (and how an Engine can help)
– Feature Testing best practices
– Case studies of what other hospitals have done for successful upgrades


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