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As a healthcare CIO or IT professional and leader there are many difficult questions to answer as your organization decides to migrate to a new healthcare information system provider. How do you and all your staff learn a new system while ensuring a seamless and tight integration between your new HCIS and all outside systems? Do you stay point to point? Do you invest in interface engine technology? Do you keep your existing integration vendor partner?  The list goes on and on and can make the idea of ever migrating to a new HCIS vendor seem impossible. Consider Summit’s HCIS Replacement Services.

Summit Healthcare’s Team of experts are here to help. Our experienced professionals work hard to assist you and your organization as you evaluate systems and weigh the benefits of migration to a new HCIS platform.

Since 1999, Summit Healthcare has been a cutting-edge leader in healthcare IT integration, management, and solutions, and we take pride in the assistance we offer.  We have helped many clients answer the questions above and more as we help them navigate the stressful, but necessary migration from an old or outdated system to an HCIS vendor that will propel their hospital or organization to better, more efficient, more cost effective outcomes.
Don’t let the prospect of a large-scale HCIS migration hold your hospital back from better results.  Summit is here to help.

Industry Experts with Custom Solutions

Summit Healthcare’s team of professionals will work with you and your team to analyze and provide a complete, thorough audit of your current HCIS state of operations and the requirements and necessities unique to your organization.

Our team will help you reduce point to point feeds, analyze custom interfaces, and plan for future strategies.  Your hospital system, provider network and many vendors are unique and require a custom approach during your vendor migration.  Summit will help you analyze your network and schedule out your migration to ensure patient care remains unaffected as your staff comes up to speed on your new system.

See how we can help you save time, resources, and costs with Summit Healthcare’s HCIS Replacement services today!

Satisfied Client Stories

Check out these examples of clients that migrated to a new HCIS with Summit Healthcare, while still ensuring a strong and efficient grasp on important integration.