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Integration Outsourcing Services

One of the most valuable tasks a healthcare IT team can undergo is the management of integration of systems, whether new or existing, throughout an organization. Have you considered Integration Outsourcing Services?

However, this dauntingly laborious and intensive process can often prove to be time consuming and costly.

Summit Healthcare’s Integration Outsourcing Services team specializes in working with organizations to help them save time, resources, and costs. We work with clients that do not possess the resources or time to adequately develop and manage interfaces internally, and provide solutions that benefit their team across the board.

Our Integration Outsourcing Services engineers serve as part of the complete integration package that we offer. Our outstanding and complete outsourcing services complement our Summit Exchange scalable interface engine technology for the support of all HL7, CCDA, FHIR and non-HL7 interfaces and our Summit Provider Exchange physician office integration technologies by ensuring your organization is charged and ready to meet all interoperability projects.

The many benefits of Summit’s Integration Outsourcing Services

We will assist and educate you on your integration strategy, freeing up your time and resources, and allowing you to focus on core hospital objectives.

As part of your integration outsourcing service contract, an in-depth analysis of your current interface landscape will be conducted to ensure your organization is fully maximizing your interface investments.  Summit Healthcare’s many years of experience with healthcare information systems and specialized vendor applications make us an excellent partner to get you over the hurdles of dealing with new software, hardware and applications.

Many organizations find immediate cost savings and return on investment within their first few months of working with our team of experts!

Your dedicated Summit Healthcare integration engineer will work to help your organization eliminate interface maintenance dollars, leverage interface feeds, and begin saving you money immediately.

Here’s how we can assist you:

  • Dedicated Summit Healthcare Project Managers to ensure deliverables are met on time, every time
  • Full development and maintenance of ALL interfaces running through your interface engine by your Summit Healthcare engineer
  • Communication and troubleshooting between your HCIS and other vendor systems handled by your Summit Healthcare Project Manager
  • Interface development and management
  • Creation of end-to-end interfaces based on need and vendor specification
  • Liaison to application vendors to facilitate interface development
  • Creation of necessary filters and mapping for interfaces
  • Scheduled backups
  • Scheduled purging of log files to ensure optimal space usage
  • Monthly status reports and conference calls
  • 24/7 integration support
  • Complete knowledge transfer when you are ready to take your interface management in-house