Interface Engine Replacement

Many healthcare CIOs face the difficult decision of whether or not to consolidate interface engines and interoperability providers. Many IT teams are currently leveraging an interface engine for some tasks, while using a vendor specific physician office integration solution for other integration needs. These complexities, combined with looming meaningful use or HIE integration vendor solution needs, result in many organizations that desperately need a more robust, fully functional interoperability platform. Look no further than Summit Healthcare to aid your organization as you evaluate and consider important organizational decisions, like Interface Engine Replacement.

Integration and interoperability is the foundation of every successful healthcare organization, but all too often hospital information systems are built upon years and years of interfacing decisions, system additions, script additions and maintenance, not to mention turnover of key IT employees or discarded or archived software and data. When looking to evaluate systems and workflow, the task of selecting a new interoperability provider and managing the transition can oftentimes be very overwhelming!

Summit Healthcare is here to help.

Benefit From Our Best Practices and Deep Knowledge Base

The Summit Professional Services Team is made up of application and technical consultants, product experts, and project management staff that have made a career out of working with peers in the healthcare industry to integrate the appropriate suite of services for any organization.  While this may be your first time undergoing a massive project like an interface overhaul or replacement, you can rest assured that we have tackled many projects just like yours.

During a typical interface planning and audit partnership, Summit Healthcare’s team of professionals will work with you to analyze and provide a complete and thorough audit of your current interface state of operations, your future potential, and with the end goal of not only understanding your current interface environment, but also providing recommended best practices for the most efficient and useful integration.

We help you reduce point to point feeds, analyze custom interfaces, and plan for future strategies, such as meaningful use or physician EMR integration.
Upon completion, a final deliverable of services, including a report summary of analysis, findings, and recommendations, is presented and delivered to you and your team.

See how we can help you save time, resources, costs and maximize your ROI with Summit Healthcare’s Interface Engine Replacement services today!