Summit Healthcare’s International Solutions

The Summit Healthcare International division takes great pride in tailoring custom solutions for organizations of all sizes across the globe, and we work with you to ensure that the scope and focus of your needs are addressed.  As healthcare modernizes around the globe, many countries and progressive minded healthcare organizations have set goals, mandates and regulations to achieve better electronic interoperability.  Summit has been a leader in providing IT departments with solutions leading to better care, less waste and lost time, and accurate and consistent data and results.
Our suite of services offers a strong base upon which to solidify your organization, and our team of experienced professionals offers the know-how and flexibility to custom design the perfect fit.
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Summit Offerings For International Clients

We are proud to have a strong and durable relationship with many international healthcare organizations. Through our commitment to excellence and our advanced bond with our existing clients, we have developed a suite of all-encompassing solutions designed to address and solve the vast complexity of inter-organizational healthcare provider needs.
Summit Healthcare has always provided interoperability solutions that allow communication across any electronic health record, platform, or dataset.  Our international customers will find our product suite allows them to achieve high levels of communication within their hospital system and around the globe.  Check out our product suite to find the best solution for your organization.

Global Solutions

Whether planning and implementing stages of a laborious migration project, striving to meet national and local government reporting mandates, automating your clinical Point of Care devices, or searching for tools to integrate and automate platforms, Summit Healthcare can help.
We create solutions for healthcare enterprises around the world.

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