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Interoperability With Summit – Tackle Any Integration Challenge

The Summit Interoperability Platform is made up of powerful and flexible interoperability products designed to fit the needs of your organization.  Our products are designed to ease the burden of integrating a new EMR or HIS, communicating with outside vendors, physicians or health systems, or complying with Meaningful Use objectives for data exchange and transfer of care and critical patient events.

Each product is backed up by our knowledgeable and dedicated team that will guide you through implementation to become a more secure and streamlined organization.

The Summit Interoperability Products

The Summit Suite of Interoperability products features several products designed to fill communication and alerting gaps your healthcare organization may encounter, as well as more robust products designed to handle all of your integration needs.  The Summit team will help you assess your needs to determine which product best suits the needs of your organization.  Click the links for more detailed information about any of these products.

  • Summit Exchange – This is the newest Summit Interoperability product and it provides comprehensive solutions for data exchange and organization through a full-featured interface engine that allows centralized dashboard management of all of your interface engines, including to HIEs.  Summit Exchange fills the interoperability gaps for organizations looking to do more than just meet their Meaningful Use requirements.
  • Provider Access – A powerful interoperability product that provides real-time notifications of critical patient events as they happen to primary care providers and other members of the patient care team in a secure and automated format ensuring best outcomes during times when accuracy and speed are vital.
  • Provider Exchange – A powerful, fully customizable tool which allows healthcare organizations to integrate bi-directional patient data flow between HCIS systems and outside physician offices regardless of EMR system.

The Summit Interoperability Products Simplify Data and Record Transfer for Best Patient Outcomes

Our Interoperability Platform, backed by our expertise in implementation, allows your healthcare organization to streamline and simplify your most complicated and critical data transfer needs.  Centralized, secure and automated transfer of records and data will ensure high-quality patient care, allow you to meet mandated objectives, and provide cost savings through efficient, standardized processes.

Regardless of the EMR, HIS, or physician and vendor network you currently have, Summit Healthcare has the interoperability product for you and the expertise to guarantee you the best results.