Summit Healthcare and MEDHOST (HMS)

Summit Healthcare is a trusted and industry-standard leader in providing integration, automation, and business continuity needs with MEDHOST (HMS) systems.
Summit Healthcare understands the value of connecting your MEDHOST (HMS) system with third party ancillary systems, monitoring devices, and physician offices, while also keeping up with industry trends.
With our history and experience integrating systems, Summit Healthcare has always promoted tight, seamless, and cost effective integration.
If your organization currently uses MEDHOST (HMS), Summit Healthcare will work to tailor the perfect fit for your organization, providing seamless transition from current operating systems to a more robust and complete-care package, and providing all-encompassing control over your most important systems.
See why Cottage Hospital trusts Summit Healthcare for their integration, automation and business continuity needs with their MEDHOST (HMS) system. Cottage Hospital Focuses on Interoperability and Streamlining Integration

Summit Healthcare systems are the trusted solutions tailored on a case-by-case basis to fit your needs.

Hospitals utilizing MEDHOST (HMS) systems have discovered more capable, more complete, and all-encompassing interoperability with the integration of Summit Healthcare solutions. With the understanding that each organization uses different systems and has unique needs, Summit Healthcare works closely with organizations to examine their current systems and provide the most comprehensive solutions with the best fit.

The most comprehensive toolset for integration, automation, and business continuity.

With ever-evolving design, Summit Healthcare makes it a priority to integrate products and solutions to fit perfectly with any third party vendor systems that your organization might be using.
Check out our list of Summit Healthcare products for hospitals and organizations using MEDHOST (HMS) systems:

  • Summit All Access – secure, fully audited data availability to everyone in your organization, or surrounding healthcare community, with convenient 24/7 access to the data through the web. Supports EHR or Network downtime.
  • Summit Exchange – establish seamless data exchange, addressing a wide range of technology and information integration challenges from the simple to the extremely complex. Integrate with ancillary vendors, vendor monitors, physician practices, another Hospital, or an HIE.
  • Summit Scripting Toolkit – Maximize your MEDHOST products and automate your processes to best suit your workflows with the Summit Scripting Toolkit for intuitive and easy to use script development.
  • Summit EMPI – provides for a central source of consistent patient identities and demographic data, with extended support for multiple identifiers across complex systems and ensures uniqueness of each patient’s chart.