MEDITECH Dictionary Scripts — Development Satisfaction. Guaranteed.

We at Summit Healthcare are the automation experts. We understand that MEDITECH dictionary scripts and data management present a complex and ongoing challenge for many organizations on a day-to-day basis. We recognize the formidable obstacles and roadblocks encountered while keeping dictionaries synchronized between test and live domains and across a multitude of facilities.
The Summit InSync technology platform offers the most comprehensive solution available on the market today, and provides a streamlined tool that enables your team to extract, analyze, and update dictionaries.

Let Summit’s Meditech Dictionary Scripts team tackle development and synchronization for you!

While the Summit InSync technology is robust and versatile enough to stand alone, organizations will sometimes look to the Summit Healthcare team of experts to assist in the update of MEDITECH systems and the creation of MEDITECH dictionary update scripts. We’re happy to help.
We know that tackling an automation project can require an immense amount of time, and the upkeep of dictionary scripts and MEDITECH systems can often be complicated. Our team of experts takes pride in assisting our valued customers with these comprehensive and detailed tasks, with the end goal of customer satisfaction through time and expense savings.
Our team will work side by side with your organization at every level to ensure your satisfaction.

Reap the benefits of a partnership with Summit Healthcare’s team of experts!

Inputting data into MEDITECH happens in two different ways: through manual end user data entry, and through healthcare scripting.
As a leader in healthcare technology solutions since 1999, we at Summit Healthcare are uniquely aware that healthcare scripting has been proven to be the most efficient and least error-prone method of data entry. Cutting down on transcription errors is a key goal of any successful organization, and the Summit Healthcare team of experts takes pride in assisting our customers in accomplishing this goal and leading to a safer, more accurate patient environment.
Let the Summit Healthcare team of experts help you get your MEDITECH scripts written, tested, and live, so that you and your organization can reap the benefits of synchronized dictionaries!