Our Mission Statement:

“The Mission at Summit Healthcare is to listen intently to our client’s needs and to apply the right integration technology that will enable them to seamlessly integrate their disparate applications. We are committed to providing our clients with an ever evolving, easy to use, line of products and services to help bring their systems together. Our duty to all healthcare organizations, ranging from the hospital, to the physician clinic, and the healthcare industry in general is to provide integration technology that enables them to maximize their investment in their applications, positively impact patient care and significantly increase productivity throughout their healthcare enterprise.”

Our Values

1. A Commitment to Excellence – Above all, Summit Healthcare has a strong commitment to excellence for our software products and the level of services we provide to our customers. Our coworkers are no exception and pride themselves on delivering excellence in their day to day business pursuits. Summit Healthcare’s steadfast commitment to uphold a high degree of quality and integrity in our relationships, both internal and external, ensure that what we produce and deliver exceeds the highest of standards in quality products and services.

2. Customer Loyalty – Success in any venture is tied to the simple act of listening to the needs of the customer, timely action to identify and fully research the requirements to bridge the gap, and ultimately the execution to communicate and deploy the product or solution to fulfill the needs. Summit Healthcare prides itself on its strict focus on customer loyalty and uses this simple formula to ensure its success. Interwoven into this formula is the myriad of details that make up the policies, procedures and processes that are constantly being improved to ensure that our customers experience the highest level of customer satisfaction and successful achievement of their integration goals.

3. Going the Extra Mile for Our Customers – Let’s face it, stuff happens and always when you least expect it. Sure, you have your list of goals to accomplish, but as sure as the sun will rise, the time will come where you will be handed a last minute project with a tight deadline associated with it, and oh by the way, you find out the project has special requirements! Summit Healthcare has consistently risen to the occasion to go the extra mile for our customers and provide an exemplary level of customer services for routine projects as well as those that creep upon you unplanned or require special customization.

4. Process Improvement – The Summit Healthcare Team, from the Executive Office, down throughout the Sales, Engineering, and Service Divisions take part in process improvement initiatives to ensure that we maintain the highest of standards in the quality of our communications, products and services. A special Core Team is empowered to drive continual process improvement initiatives where we institute new ideas, learn where our mistakes were made, and move towards putting the right steps in place to rectify and communicate our policies and procedures both internally and externally.

5. Whistle While you Work – Summit Healthcare fosters the idea that you should thoroughly enjoy what you do as the happiness of an employee directly affects the level of work they produce. Summit Healthcare is comprised of a team of healthcare professionals that enjoy what they do, who they do it for and why. Employee appreciation events, special outings, and company meetings are frequently experienced by the staff at Summit Healthcare and directly translate to a fun, productive and cohesive team that produces mutual accountability, trust and cooperation on all fronts.