Physician Office EMR Integration

The constant data exchange between physician offices, hospital, and the expanding healthcare community is increasing rapidly as more providers adopt EMRs to assist with patient tracking, physician ordering, transfer of care, and rapid interfacing with the community.  One of the great challenges for any hospital is successfully interfacing with each provider in its network.  Summit Healthcare can help you achieve your goals of seamless bi-directional physician EMR integration.
Summit Healthcare has created the most flexible and robust bi-directional physician EMR integration solution on the market today, Summit Provider Exchange.

Summit Provider Exchange – Full-Featured With Flexibility

Summit Provider Exchange can integrate any EMR to any HCIS you are using to give you tight access and control of patient registration and order control.  Provider Exchange allows for secure data transmission, real-time interoperability, and automated bi-directionality between your organization and your physician’s EMRs.
With the ability to standardize incoming and outgoing orders from many different EMRs and the ability to set and control client settings, Summit Provider Exchange gives you flexibility while ensuring consistent, high-quality output.

Using Good EMR Integration to Improve Your Bottom Line

We recognize that integrating with physician offices contributes to your organization’s bottom line and allows your healthcare organization to remain competitive within the community.  A strong provider network with easy transfer of data and patient care is the backbone of a strong hospital.
Improved EMR interoperability results in increased patient safety, better quality care, and better informed clinicians. With good transfer of care protocols, timely automatic report generation, and prompt action on physician orders, your hospital can improve its result and bottom line.  However, the task of integration is often cumbersome and expensive, and requires a vast amount of time, money, and resources.
Our team of experts at Summit Healthcare has simplified and streamlined physician office EMR integration with the Summit Provider Exchange, the most flexible and robust bi-directional physician EMR integration solution on the market today.  With Summit Provider Exchange, you will not need to manage multiple systems or integrations as it accepts all EMRs and allows for unlimited integrations with as many physician’s offices as you need.
Our team of experts and our extensive service and product line solutions combine the perfect mix of technology and service to support the next big initiative your team needs to manage. We are committed to providing our customers with simplified and efficient solutions to complex needs, while saving you the valuable time, resources, and money that help your organization operate.
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