Project Description

Noyes Memorial Hospital uses Summit Healthcare’s Outsourcing Services to Achieve Integration Goals

The Challenge:

Nicholas H. Noyes Memorial Hospital, a 72-bed facility located in Dansville, NY that is part of the Rochester RHIO, found that the move toward a more community-based health care delivery model combined with the growth of regional and national initiatives required that they have a flexible and secure solution for sharing increasing volumes of information. The needs above required a more distributed model for information systems.
The ability to connect and disconnect distributed systems and their applications as required to meet business objectives is essential for operating in today’s healthcare environment. In terms of strategy, an interface engine safeguards existing stakeholder investments in their own systems and allows for a phased approach to the building of a comprehensive information system. In addition, the surmounting costs of single point-to-point custom interfaces is very cost prohibitive. Noyes Memorial Hospital was increasingly having difficulty meeting the needs of their customers and the demands of the environment at large, putting them at a competitive disadvantage.

The Solution:

Noyes Memorial Hospital is utilizing Summit Healthcare’s Managed Professional Services and the interface engine to meet their goal of having a flexible, robust and secure solution for integration. They are integrating ADT, Orders, Results, Medications, Charges, Insurance Verification, RAD reports and PACS images with third party vendors such as Pyxis, ARUP, SSI, MIDAS, and Amicas. Noyes Memorial is also successfully integrating and passing information to the Rochester RHIO.
Contracting with Summit Healthcare for Professional Outsourcing Services secures a dedicated Summit Healthcare engineer to take care of all interface development needs for Noyes Memorial Hospital. The dedicated Summit Healthcare engineer will provide all necessary filters and mapping functionality for the interface communication. In addition the Summit Healthcare engineer will act as the primary communicator with the 3rd party vendors to ensure the integration projects run efficiently. The addition of Summit Healthcare Professional Outsourcing Services has allowed Noyes Memorial to be more creative in the solutions they are able to offer their customers and has greatly improved the timeline in which they are able to deploy interfaces.
The Summit Express Connect engine has provided Noyes Memorial with greater flexibility by leveraging their base feeds, which has allowed them to improve operations and workflows while reducing their total cost. In addition, the Express Connect engine allows them to monitor the entire system at one time and proactively notify staff when problems arise which, in turn, has improved their troubleshooting capabilities.

Engagement Highlights:

  • Return on Investment expected by year two of the engagement with an estimated five year savings of over $150,000
  • Reduced the required number of point-to-point interface feeds
  • Provided greater flexibility by leveraging base feeds, which has resulted in improved operations and workflows while reducing their total cost
  • Allows them to monitor the entire system at one time and proactively notify staff when problems arise
  • Improved troubleshooting capabilities
  • Improved the timeline in which they are able to deploy interfaces
  • Outsourcing services have provided a technical resource which allows them to be more creative in the solutions they are able to offer their customers
“The Summit Healthcare team has been an absolute pleasure to work with in every capacity. The administrative staff is very attuned to the increasing demands that are being placed on hospitals to operate in today’s healthcare environment. The sales staff is very well versed and has consistently worked hard to clearly identify our needs and follow through to insure that each and every need was met. The development and technical implementation teams are experts in their field and work directly with the customer to design and develop custom solutions, seemingly with ease.
With the introduction of the engine, we have been able to streamline patient data flow which is critical to our operations and deliver confidence in expected service levels to our customers while remaining competitive.”

Kathleen Hoeffner, Senior Systems Analyst , Noyes Memorial Hospital