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Learn more about the Summit All Access Platform: offering secure, fully audited data availability to everyone in your organization, or surrounding healthcare community, with convenient 24/7 access to the data through the web.

Comply with CMS’s E-notifications Condition of Participation

Provider Alert displays daily ‘Notifications Sent’ indicators to let you know how well you are attesting for CMS compliance (10% of your Daily Average Census, not less than 30 records).

Summit All Access for Provider Alert is a web and mobile-based solution that utilizes our powerful interoperability technology to provide real-time notifications of critical patient events as they happen. ADT alerts and other electronic notifications facilitate communication and transition of care between hospital and care teams, enabling proactive notifications with in-network and out-of-network providers from a centralized, secure system. Provider Alert will help to lower re-admissions and reduce costs to the hospital and the health care system as a whole, as clinical events and risk factors are transferred seamlessly to hospital staff, case managers and providers at, and even before, discharge.

The new CMS Rule took effect May 1st. Did you miss the deadline? Failure to comply could result in loss of certifications and reimbursements.

Provider Alert is the Powerful Solution for ADT Notifications and Care Coordination

Summit Provider Alert’s features are powerful, flexible, and assist at all steps along the transition of care from hospital to primary care provider. The Provider Alert technology includes a host of features including:

  • Easy to use, customizable web-based dashboard
  • Mobile capabilities
  • Real-time critical event notifications
  • Rules based information distribution with audit trail
  • Attestation reporting for ensuring CMS requirements are met
  • Supports all EHRs and versions of HL7
  • Secure text, email and direct notifications*
  • HIPAA compliant User Audit and System Logs
  • TLS/SSL message transmission
  • Perpetual Licensing
*May require additional configuration/components

Improve Outcomes Through Proactive Care

In the current healthcare landscape of increasing specialization of care and fragmented provider communications, re-admission of high-risk patients is all too prevalent.  Primary care providers, the best defenders against readmission, are not notified of critical patient events or discharge, or there are delays in or incomplete communication, leading to poor patient outcomes and escalating costs.  Studies show a patient that does not follow up with their primary doctor are ten times more likely to be readmitted than a patient who does.

Summit Provider Alert can solve these problems through proactive notification, communication and care coordination.  Clinical expenses are reduced, and better patient care is preserved using pre- and post-discharge communication and follow-up that supports the transition of care process. Event-based notifications keep the primary care provider informed, and enhance the hospital-provider relationship.

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Importance of Leveraging Document Exchange, Electronic Clinical Event Notifications and Improving Data Access in Healthcare Today

Fast, Flexible, Secure and Easy to Use

The Summit Provider Alert technology is built to handle the various workflows of hospitals and providers.  The easy to use web and mobile-based dashboard is backed by a powerful rules-based engine that parses and routes communication to specific subscribed and permitted users in real-time. Summit Provider Alert supports all versions of HL7,  XML, and FHIR standards.

Using Provider Alert, a hospital can set user access, group policy, and notification preferences.  The technology is capable of producing outputs via secure text, email, and direct messaging.

The Summit All Access Platform

Take the Provider Alert solution a step further with Summit All Access for Community Access, the one-stop-shop for strategically managing patient data availability throughout the entire healthcare enterprise. It is a more robust application offering fully audited, searchable, on-demand access to patient documents and reports.  Providers can choose to customize the solution with alerting preferences, user management, and enrollment features. In addition to ADT alerts, access to reports can include CCDs, lab results, radiology results, transcriptions, surgery schedules, and more.

Community Access empowers community providers with on-demand data access without giving full EHR permissions, while experiencing peace of mind knowing that all processed data is automatically encrypted to HIPAA standards. Labor free processing of patient records to providers helps to reduce paper transaction costs from faxing and mailing, lessens the burden on HIM staff to manage high volumes of phone calls, and offers a much more secure approach to exchanging patient data.

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