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  • Bi-directional communication
  • Secure data transmission
  • Real-time interoperability
  • Advanced order viewing

Physician Office Integration Made Easy With
Summit Provider Exchange

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Provider office integration is an increasing complex and resource-consuming challenge for every healthcare organization today. Many IT teams and healthcare CIOs struggle with the process of connecting to the increasing multitudes of physician EMR vendors while maintaining an understanding of each system’s specific features and a workflow that complies with Meaningful Use objectives and requirements.

Summit Healthcare has a flexible and powerful solution.

Let our experienced team and robust product line guide you through the technical process of evaluating software that will help your organization seamlessly integrate with provider offices with the Summit Provider Exchange, part of our Interoperability Platform.

Benefits and Highlights:

  • Shorter development cycles – Bring interfaces live quicker and with more efficiency, using just one application.
  • Lessened episodes in delays of care – Provide instantaneous information sharing technology between health care organizations and providers
  • Enhanced patient care – Provide quicker access to critical data for rapid decision making, greater productivity, and decreased errors.
  • Achieve Promoting Interoperability Requirements by integrating physician offices and hospital systems.
  • Bi-directional communication – With the automation of order entry, order results, and order statuses, achieve the most from integration.
  • Secure data transmission – Summit Provider Exchange ensures private information remains in the view of accepted personnel only.
  • Advanced order viewing – Users can sort orders by date, order, number, and test type and can search for orders.
  • Real-time interoperability – The ability for records to be updated in real-time results in “meaningful use” of EMR.
  • Integrates with any Physician EMR system (NextGen, Allscripts, eClinicalWorks..)
  • Works with all EHR vendor platforms
  • Supports all inbound orders interfaces
  • On demand patient registration
  • Automatic and client parameter control for order release, depending on your needs and preferences
  • Easily process all orders with Click-to-Match

Summit Provider Exchange is a Powerful Integration Solution for Bi-directional Patient Data Flow Between HCIS and Physician Offices

Summit Provider Exchange is a powerful and effective solution for healthcare organizations looking to integrate bi-directional patient data flow between HCIS systems and outside physician offices. This versatile platform offers advanced registration, order and results management capabilities, improved ADT operations, and much more.

The customization is painless and can accommodate any configuration of mapping and smart routing of data, regardless of EMR system. Summit Healthcare’s scalable Summit Provider Exchange solution provides an easy means to connect to an unlimited number of offices, and the ability to add new EMR systems at any juncture. With effective and powerful order and registration management, your hospital staff will have complete control over physician office orders and will have the assurance that patients have accurate and up-to-date hospital medical records for processing.

Summit Provider Exchange offers the highest quality solution on the market today, with smooth data and information flow transferred with efficiency and quality.
Contact us today to find out how you can benefit from improved patient care, significant cost savings, enhanced productivity, and better relationships with physician offices.

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Summit Provider Exchange Technical Features

Ease of Use

  • Integrate with multiple Physician Office EMR’s through simple filtering and mapping
  • Recognize untapped revenue by allowing LAB and RAD orders to be placed in your HCIS from remote offices running disparate systems
  • Ensure patient data integrity with multi-layer patient matching
  • Hold remotely placed orders from release into your HCIS until the patient presents to the hospital
  • View pending orders and manage unique workflows remotely
  • Exchange orders and results with multiple different EMR systems
  • The Click-to-Match feature allows users to easily match orders to patient registrations that did not meet the auto-release criteria

Order Management

  • Allow users in the LAB and RAD departments to view pending orders
  • Provide ability to manually resubmit orders
  • Allow certain users to manipulate fields in the order message for successful order submission
  • Advanced order viewing – Users can sort orders by date, order, number, and test type and can search for orders by patient name, medical record number, and account number
  • Advanced order matching – Users have the flexibility to customize patient-matching and order release criteria to fit workflow
  • Automatic registration – Integrate with the Summit Scripting Toolkit to automatically register patients when certain orders are received, or on demand


  • Receive and Send order messages via TCP/IP, File, SQL, or FTP
  • Customize MLLP connectivity and acknowledgement behavior per interface (inbound or outbound)
  • Securely send and receive data using Secure Socket Layer encryption (SSL)
  • ‘Hold’ orders that come into the system until the patient actually arrives at the hospital for the test
  • Receive results for the ordered tests and route them back to the appropriate vendor EMR systems

Message Routing

  • Support for any version of HL7
  • Automatically convert patient MRN in the message vendor ID to HCIS ID
  • Integrate an unlimited number of EMR systems to your HCIS
  • Ensure that no duplicate patients are entered into your HCIS by utilizing a multi-layer matching criteria

Message Mapping

  • Utilize a wizard to walk through building any necessary mappings or filters
  • Point and click to define any type of message conversion, conditional or for every message
  • Easily build crosswalk tables to bridge communication between disparate systems
  • Filter based on custom criteria with any level of complexity, including querying SQL or ODBC databases as necessary
  • Release orders by provider or location to ensure orders are released for the correct patient visit


  • Combine Active Directory and local authentication to achieve ideal security configuration
  • Session timeout makes sure critical patient data is not left accessible
  • Audit trail for access control- provides the necessary details to ensure only the proper users have accessed and submitted orders

Provider exchange flexibility

Our goal is flexibility, and we mean it!

At Summit Healthcare, we understand that each hospital has a unique and complex workflow, with unique and complex challenges and problems. Our goal is to provide you with flexible solutions that help you get to where you need to be. Contact us to request a demo and learn more about Summit Provider Exchange today!

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