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Scripting Toolkit


  • Simply defined workflow segments
  • Summit Script Recorder
  • Scripts are saved as XML definitions
  • Compatible to rules-based and procedural scripts
  • 100% reusable script segments

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Summit Scripting Toolkit
The Most Powerful Scripting Application Available

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The next generation of scripting has arrived with the Summit Scripting Toolkit, the most versatile and powerful scripting application available.

This full-featured application allows any member of your team, from the most experienced programmer to the analyst or the department head, to easily and effortlessly build scripts in a matter of hours, rather than days or weeks, perform testing, and release into full production.

We at Summit Healthcare recognize the immense amount of resources, time, and money that are often devoted to the development of scripts, as well as the difficulties that often arise with the introduction of third-party vendor systems. Many vendors charge outrageous fees per integration point, and only provide solutions after months of waiting.

We take pride in offering the Summit Scripting Toolkit, a simplified, cost-effective, and reliable solution to your complex scripting problems.



  • Immediate ROI – Generate instantaneous savings and workload reductions through the automation of redundant and complex tasks.
  • Eliminate Custom Interface Costs – Create your own unique, organization-specific interfaces without the need for third-party vendor involvement.
  • More reliable scripts – Incorporate a non-positional approach to data collection
  • Robust Troubleshooting – Alert and schedule logging functionality can be received at any time
  • Creating the workflow is easy with point-and-click and drag-and-drop – Multiple programming environments to build sophisticated scripts using any language that can support the .NET framework (VB.NET, C#)
  • Automate any redundant task such as updating a B/AR Procedure list from an Excel Spreadsheet and entering all new costs through a script instead of manual data entry.
  • Update thousands of records in minutes
  • Avoid data transcription errors
  • Connect to all HCIS vendors, including MEDITECH, McKesson, Cerner HS, Cerner Millenium, MEDHOST, Epic.
  • Streamline any system conversion, HCIS replacement, or migration, including MEDITECH 6.x


  • *NEW* Enhanced scripting capabilities to Citrix and Windows using OCR+.
  • *NEW* Additional data source commands for more flexibility and data integrity.
  • *NEW* K2Runner improvements for tracking run-time information on scripts.
  • *NEW* Support for Windows 10 environments.
  • *NEW* New system keywords for easy access to script information and troubleshooting improvements.
  • Simply defined workflow segments – Identification is simplified using the Summit Workflow Builder.
  • Leading technology – Intelligent user interface and updated platform, as well as advanced connectivity for Windows applications
  • Bullet proof automation –Error segments that can easily be built in (via point-and-click command builder) and unattended scripting capability
  • Scripts are saved as XML definitions – Avoid compiling scripts, enabling swift deployment of scripts.
  • Compatible to rules-based and procedural scripts – SST is the only tool where both types of scripting can be used together.
  • 100% reusable script segments – SST enables all script segments to be reused, simplifying the script building process for future scripts.
  • Data batching
  • Robust troubleshooting, alerting and scheduling logging functionality
  • Code free automation of workflow
  • Includes the Summit Scheduler- a robust task and file management tool

Simplified and Reliable Solutions to Complex Scripting Problems

Since 1999, Summit Healthcare has made it a priority to provide automation and healthcare scripting technology to hospitals and organizations across the medical community with the Summit Scripting Toolkit. 

The Summit Scripting Toolkit creates an immediate and lasting impact on your organization with the elimination of lengthy manual workflow processes. SST allows you to utilize data from any system, input data to any system, create near real-time or batch interfaces, and automate routine data entry tasks. SST can connect to virtually any system, including complex and proprietary Windows or Web applications.

The Summit Scripting Toolkit allows users of every level of experience to implement full-featured solutions to complex problems with a simple workflow process, and a proven scripting environment complete with all the advanced scripting tools necessary to build, test, and deploy scripts from a single desktop application.

Save Money, Save Time

Our customers have found immense savings in both time and money with the Summit Scripting Toolkit. The SST will help you automate inefficient data entry, eliminate time-wasting manual processes, reduce data transcription errors, avoid third-party customization and maintenance fees, and most importantly, create a time-saving, cost-effective solution to your scripting needs, whether simple or complex.

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