• Easily launch any application
  • Time based
  • File based 
  • Extensive file manipulation
  • Encrypt, decrypt, zip and unzip data
  • Run any executable or batch file 
  • Use file triggers to monitor a directory 

File Process Management With the Summit Scheduler

Managing simple file processing tasks manually can take up valuable time in your workday. Simple processes consisting of moving a file here or loading data into there can quickly drain resources, increase errors, and create inefficiencies. Today’s highly automated world demands a flexible scheduling software that can handle the day-to-day simple tasks found in a variety of business operations.  The Summit Scheduler is the answer to many of the routine IT workflows that your department faces daily.

The Summit Scheduler is much more than just an event scheduler, it is a robust automation scheduling tool with extensive file management capabilities.  The functionalities incorporated into the Summit Scheduler allows for automation on time based and trigger-based actions. Using the Summit Scheduler allows users to automatically schedule timely and accurate transfer of routine files and saves precious time in your day.

ROI: Cost Savings

  • Immediate ROI.
  • Automate repetitive processes to free up staff for other tasks.
  • Avoid human error from manual processing, saving time and resources.

Accuracy & Security

  • Automatically encrypt/decrypt sensitive data or zip and unzip files.
  • Advanced error logic identifies problems and suggests solutions.
  • With the Summit Scheduler Dashboard, users can setup a logical framework to automation processes and provide for monitoring and oversight.

Ease of Use

  • Automate file manipulation tasks including moving, copying, deleting, emailing, and FTPing among others.
  • Achieve precise control over automated tasks using file triggers to monitor a directory based on set file properties.
  • Employ PDF processing to convert PCL to PDF or split/rename a file base on its contents.

Vendor & Application Neutrality

  • Launch any program or application based on triggers.
  • Run any executable or batch file including command line arguments.
  • Combine with SST, Summit’s RPA tool to automate repetitive tasks on virtually any platform.

See the Summit Scheduler in Action

For more advanced users and processing, the Summit Scheduler can bring a centralized structured to your automation processing.  Speak with one of our product experts to discuss how these robust features of the Summit Scheduler can help you save time and money with your organization’s automation needs: