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Terry LaPointe

Vice President — Client Services

As VP of Client Services, Terry brings over 20 years of direct IT healthcare experience to Summit Healthcare. She has been with the Summit Healthcare Team for seven years and presently oversees the areas of Project Management, Product Marketing, Installation, Education and Support. Terry’s focus is to ensure a smooth and successful delivery of products, services and support to Summit Healthcare’s growing client base.

Terry is known for her hands on management style and strives to ensure that every project or technical plan within Summit’s delivery arm is carefully plotted to meet the ever changing needs of healthcare integration.

Her past experience includes nearly six years at Valco Data Systems, where she served as the Senior Product/Quote Manager with a significant role dedicated to Solutions Consulting. Terry spent over 9 years at Columbia/HCA in various IT supervisory and management roles, with 3 of those years focused on IT management in Corporate Client Services.



  • Healthcare II
  • HL7
  • EHR
  • Process Improvement
  • Meditech
  • Software Implementation
  • Integration
  • Informatics
  • Healthcare


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