Summit Healthcare is proud of our clients and we thank them for their loyal support! Summit Healthcare strives to deliver quality products and solutions to hospitals and we stand behind our staff to guarantee successful results.

Read below to hear first hand from our clients. You won’t be disappointed in what you hear!

“Implementing the Summit Scripting Toolkit has performed wonders for our facility. The technology has unlocked operational efficiency benefits that, while sometimes difficult to quantify, have delivered a very real return on investment on top of the intangible gains. We have been able to automate countless tasks and use the core technology from Summit Healthcare to consistently find new ways to improve our workflows.”
Tim Fail, Sr. Financial Analyst, Wayne Memorial Hospital
“As Memorial Hospital began its strategic plan for our MEDITECH migration we quickly realized that there was more to our plan than application implementation and hardware requirements. We needed to find an integration and automation partner that could assist us with our interface landscape and help us tackle our data and dictionary management needs including a plan for business continuity in the event of a downtime. Summit Healthcare provided the whole package and came highly recommended in the MEDITECH community.”
Jennifer Meinkoth, CIO, Memorial Hospital
“Summit Healthcare has been extremely supportive and instrumental in our migration to Meditech 6.0. The Summit Scripting Toolkit and the professional services division have proven themselves to be invaluable in handling the intricacies of Meditech 6.0. As a company they have been excellent, and we value the relationship and expertise of their entire team.”
Rick Lang, CIO, Doylestown Hospital
“As we got deeper into our Cerner HS (Siemens Soarian) clinical implementation and saw how the EHR and CPOE would transform our clinical operations, the need to have a backup strategy in place became clear. The importance of business continuity is becoming critical across the healthcare industry as there becomes an even greater dependence on electronic health records. The Summit Downtime Reporting System became an easy choice as it was not only a secure solution but turn-key and a flexible strategy for PVHMC. The Summit Healthcare team was responsive, timely and knowledgeable as we worked to meet our aggressive implementation and go live deadline. ”
Lee Angelo, Applications Manager, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center

“Boulder Community Hospital selected Summit Healthcare because of their proven track record for streamlining complex interface environments as we approach our MEDITECH migration. The Summit Healthcare Apex product suite namely the Summit Express Connect interface engine will replace two engines at BCH and not only will this save the hospital money, but it will allow us to implement interfaces faster and with fewer resources. ”

Linda Minghella, CIO (former), Boulder Community Hospital
“One critical area for reducing costs in healthcare is the black art of making different computer systems talk to each other. We’ve found Summit Healthcare a reliable partner to assist us as we connect to a wide range of end-points. We’re delighted with the speed and effectiveness of our recent connection to the Rochester Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO). Summit Healthcare’s expertise and support made the experience fast, reliable, and affordable.”
Ernest Lehmann, Noyes Memorial Hospital
“As we began our search for an integration partner, we knew we needed to find a company with the tools to assist us with our interface management strategy now and for all future initiatives. We chose Summit Healthcare not only for their proven technology but also because of their strong MEDITECH knowledge and experience. We feel confident that by laying the foundation now with an interface engine we will quickly be able to achieve our integration goals.”
Denni McColm, CIO, Citizens Memorial
“What got us excited about Provider Alert was that it would fix the whole process of how we’ve been sending and receiving data between ourselves and our providers. The solution offers secure, fast, and efficient sharing of documents, which removed the need for other unreliable third party software. Parkview Medical Center needed a reliable and consistent way to send a documents, including summary of care documents, securely and in real time. With Summit Healthcare and the Provider Alert Platform, we can do just that.”
James Hruby, Director of Information Technology, Parkview Medical Center
“We at Avera Health are extremely pleased with the Summit Interface Engine. Today we have over 250 interfaces running like clock-work, processing well over 3 million messages a day and have seen tremendous success with the eICU telehealth initiative. Our integration technology foundation is sound and we truly value our relationship with Summit Healthcare as our vendor partner.”
Ross Stolle, Information Technology Integration Manager, Avera Health
“Summit Provider Exchange could not have been a better fit for our organization. The implementation process was seamless, and allowed for our existing technologies to remain in place. Working with a large physician office population and multiple physicians EMR systems, we knew we had some challenges. The Summit Healthcare team went above and beyond to meet our go live date and fulfill our integration needs.”
Tim Schoener, Chief Information Officer, Susquehanna Health
“The Summit Healthcare Professional Services division was great to work with. The training was extremely smooth and considering the magnitude of our implementation around migrating interfaces the entire process was worry free. The staff was always available, knowledgeable and right on the ball. I highly recommend investing in their services if you need some additional assistance to get the job done.”
Ed Ricks, CIO, Beaufort Memorial Hospital
“We have a long-standing relationship with Summit Healthcare beginning with data conversions in 2001. We find that Summit Healthcare products are extremely reliable as well as being user friendly. We purchased CS Print Manager, followed by SST and then the Integration Suite engine. With CS Print Manager, we were able to have nearly 100 different reports spooling out to a web based product or printing to a network printer within the first week. Our CS Prints are so reliable that we do one quick morning check on them and don’t worry about them again until the next morning. The scripts that we have running through the scripting tool are equally as reliable. We have also used SST with other databases besides Meditech. As for the Summit Integration Suite engine, we have multiple ADT feeds, as well as an order/result feed for a reference lab product currently running through the engine. Tomorrow, we will be running our current Meditech ITS feed for PACS and voice recognition transcription product through the engine to create a tap for our new cardiology PACS system.
What we value the most with Summit Healthcare is their support. They are continually using feedback from their clients to improve their products. Support tickets are always answered within a timely manner and often resolution is immediate. We also appreciate the fact that Summit doesn’t over-sell their products. With other vendors we have found that their products don’t perform as demo’d without adding enhancements, usually at additional costs. This is not the case with Summit Healthcare. In fact all of their products perform exactly as demo’d or in many case even far above. We consider Summit Healthcare products as dollars well spent and recommend their products without reservation.”
Becky Blevins, Information Services Project, 
Ephraim McDowell Health
“Summit Healthcare has demonstrated a deep understanding of our need to properly manage and integrate data in a cost-efficient manner. With Summit Exchange, we will be able to increase enterprise-wide responsiveness, reduce workloads, and take connectivity to the next level, allowing us to offer the best care possible to our patients.”
James Hruby, Director of Information Technology, Parkview Medical Center
“With Summit’s Interoperability Platform, our physicians get the patient clinical summaries they need to provide timely care, and we’re satisfying Meaningful Use direct messaging standards. Summit Healthcare also met our ambitious three-month project deadline so we were ready for MU attestation.”
Rebecca Woods, VP Information Technology & Compliance, Porter Medical Center
“One of the components to a truly great Medical Center is the relationship developed with other organizations in the pursuit of the best care possible. And one of those organizations is Summit Healthcare, a longstanding vendor partner that we have done business with for over ten years. We are truly grateful for the Summit Healthcare donation and share in Summit Healthcare’s mission to provide a strong commitment to excellence and dedication to the future of healthcare in our community.”
John Burns, Chairman of Excellence and Board of Trustees, Milford Regional